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09 May 2007

Swim 3462miles

3462miles = 5571km
If you can fly, that'll be the best solution.
If you want to drive for that distance, be my guest.
If you want to run, you must be thinking of doing it for the cancer foundation or something like that.
If you want to walk, I'd say that is how people used to do things 5000years ago.
If you want to crawl, hhmmm....I don't think anyone will do that.
And if you want to SWIM, you must be crazy!!
[If you are thinking about it, Be my friend!! we'll swim together!!]

But wait, swimming an ocean away doesn't seemed to be a bad idea. After all, it's a mode of transportation as recommended by Google.

There there...Look at this...
If you are still skeptical about it..
Go to Google.com
-Click on Maps. (it has to be google maps)
--Click on get Directions.
---From New York, New York.
----To Paris, France.
-----click get direction button
------And read line # 24.