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05 May 2007

Project MySecret

Project: My SecretLocker

Ask yourself...
Are u happy?
Are you proud of who you are?
Do people know the real you..
or just the mask you hide behind??

Each person has the right to feel safe and to feel confident in their own individuality, nobody likes to be judge. We all seek comfort in the ones we love for who we are "with no strings attached" creating environments for ourselfs and others which reinforce the fact the people should be loved no mater who they are is a value...all too often neglected.

This causes people to shut the world out of part of their lives which could be perceived negatively by others.
These parts of ourselves...Our secret...represent our self-esteem's best defence against poor self-concept a part of ourselves which remains uncharted & free of having been judged.


Amy said...

This is such a nice video :)

3POINT8 said...

Welcome to 3POINT8...

Yea, agreed!! That video is nice isn't it??
The music also quite nice...