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27 May 2007

Devil's Claw

I wonder...Out of so many people living in this world, how many percent of them are actually superstitious, still believing in myths and folklore.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with 5 scratch marks on my left arm. No, rather than a minor scratch mark, it's more like a claw mark. Its just like being scratched by a cat's claw. I didn't realise it until 1~2 hours after I woke up. I was in front of my computer trying to finish 1 of my 8 assignments which all of them are due in the next 2 weeks. While I typing, I felt irritated by my left arm. I didn't really look into it as I was too focused on my assignment and I was wearing a long sleeve shirt that day. I don't usually bother with stuff that are not in my sight.

Then as I proceed with my typing, more than irritation, I felt pain. That is when I rolled up my sleeve and discovered 5 'claw marks' on my left arm. I was kinda busy at that moment to think about it. So I continued typing anyway.

Minutes later, there was this black bird sitting on a branch of a dead tree just outside my window. I have no idea whether the bird was singing or it was cursing. I just find it weird that a bird is actually sitting on a branch in this cold weather. Then I thought about the claw mark again. I was thinking "where did i get this mark from??"
I don't recall being scratched the day before. I don't remember going to bed with pain bearing on my left arm the night before. And the probability that I scratch myself in my sleep is close to zero. Plus, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt to bed. Even if i scratch myself, it shouldn't leave that kind of mark....

I began to ponder...The Devil's claw perhaps?? Or is that the work of Freddy Krueger?
And the black bird outside....is just another bird not worthy of my attention.
[Hey, at least there is something to take my mind off work]

As of today, it's pretty much healed. About 80% I would say. Looking back at the claw mark, I kinda like the mark. The way it is shaped looks kinda cool!!!


Qte said...

lol... that's interesting.. maybe u get it few days before..

i sometimes get bruises which i dunno where and how i got them

anyway, thanks for lending me the garage =D

3POINT8 said...

Yea, I find it interesting also!! Or maybe I'm desperate for something to take my mind off work...

about the garage:
"my pleasure..."