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15 May 2007

Doc got sued by saving life

If a certified doctor tells you that you only have 2months to live, what would you do? Would you call for a lawyer, prepare a will??
Would you try some cocaine and get high at least once before you leave for the world??
Would you try to hijack the pentagon and launch a nuclear bomb on Iraq??
Or, would you just spend your money and enjoy yourself till the end??

I guess this guy chose the last option.. A wise move I would say..
What do you MEAN I'm not going to die?

Doc: "Hey I have some good news for you!!"
Patient: "Thats good!! I've been expecting for the worst ever since the last time we met."
Doc: "You know about the pancreatic cancer we've told you about??"
Patient: "Let me guess...Am I eligible to donate my pancreas to my annoying neighbour whom I'm trying to poison this morning??"
Doc: "My good sir...Thats double good news to you!!! Lucky for you, we do have an extra organ donation form here in my office."
Doc: "Aaaaa....Thats not it!! I think you are blessed by the constellation stars today!"
Patient: "Doc Doc Doc....Mind you words, my religion does not allow me to believe in such nonsense. Don't worry about it, it's not like I care about it or something like that. I'm gonna die anyway."
Doc: "Oh..ok... All I'm trying to tell you that today is your lucky day! Guess what?? You have a second chance in life! Apparently, we've misdiagnose you. The Pancreas Cancer that you have...is actually an inflammation of the pancreas. Nothing life-threatening."
*Patient looks at Doc in a disbelief state*
Doc: "Awww....You want a hug?? I bet you are 1 happy man by now!!"
*Patient thinks for a while*
Patient: "That's it!!! I'm gonna sue you!! See you in court!!"
*Doc thinks to himself.. Hugging must be a big crime in London. This country blows.. I'm going back to Russia for good!!*

That is how I would have imagined the conversation between the patient and the doc the 1st time I read the article.
I'm not sure if that guy did sue the hospital or something, but it'll be ironic if he did.


liz q said...

hUAhUAhUAhaa.. actually, i dont know whether i should be happy or sad for this story.. but.. it might be a lesson that nobody can actually predict death..~ Hhehehehe.. agree?

3POINT8 said...

Totally Agree with you!!!
No one can predict death...

yea...I wouldn't know what to do either if that happens to be me..
But 1 thing for sure, I wouldn't sue the doc...

Qte said...

why u wont sue him? at least u can get the money back. but by the law, i'm not sure if he can win. hmmm~ but hey, why? i thought some people would...

3POINT8 said...

But wouldn't it be weird to sue someone who told you that everything is gonna be alrite..
I mean, its just weird to sue someone who is telling the truth...

Isn't it?

Qte said...

but his diagnose is wrong..~ ~ ~