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11 May 2007

Metal Rock Songs

Metal Rock songs. If you are from m'sia, anyone would automatically asociate that genre with cults and underground events... I'm not sure how it goes for Aus, Indonesia, Japan or any other country. (Perhaps someone can provide me a lil bit of insight of metal rock towards the society of these countries??)
However I do know that not a lot of people I know favour that kind of music. It's loud, sounds hectic, and "cult-ic". Yea, I can understand why people do not like it...

I'm beggining to develop a liking for certain metal rock bands.
Daisuke Ishiwatari, A.S.H, N.EX.T, and Black magus. Those are the artist that I'm currently listening to. To put it bluntly, they compose songs for the Guilty Gear Series and Final Fantasy Series.

These songs, the ones that I listen to has no vocal nor singing in the background. They are all instrumental musics... Contrary to popular belief, these musics that I listen to do not contain any element referencing to satan, devil, evil, crime, discrimination, death, or anything fanatic. Not even a slight hint of those elements.

Fast pace game musics... Just the perfect ambient to get my brain working...
What kind of music turns you on???