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29 July 2007

Religiously Messed Up

Reflecting on my life, I realized that I had been living in a metropolitan city throughout my whole life. My recent Melbourne Trip was a good getaway period and it was indeed an awesome holiday!
However, I still had the desire to escape from the city lifestyle for a while. I don't know why, but I had the urge to go camping in the wilderness, but I'm not too keen on Australian wilderness though. Maybe its because that I haven't been to a camp ever since I came to Australia. I'm already missing my yearly camping trip when I'm was still in Malaysia. [Oh wait, I've been to a Christian camp once in Australia!]

I just wanted to go to a quiet peaceful place. I guess the best substitution for that is to stay overnight in a temple. I rang up a friend, Ang, an active member of the UNSW Buddhist society to ask him whether he would be interested in staying over in a temple. He said 'Yes', all I have to bring there is just a sleeping bag and some warm clothes. So 5 days after my Melbourne trip, I was off for an overnight stay in Hwa Tsang Temple, Homebush.
1) It's a good quiet peaceful place.
2) I haven't visit a Buddhist temple for a really long time. (perhaps more than a year)
3) Any experience is a good experience!! That was an opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a Buddhist monk.
Throughout our stay in the temple, we did a little bit of praying, and a little bit of gardening.
I got a photo of the temple this time, unlike my previous visit.

On the next day, I was kinda reluctant to leave the temple early in the morning. Then again, whenever I thought of traveling back to my house, I'll surely pass by the Hope Sydney Church. Since I'm passing by, might as well pay them a surprise visit. [I have a reputation of not being too keen to go to church]. Haha, I guess most people were surprised when I turned up in the church with a sleeping bag. Interestingly on the same day, there was a baptism event by Hope Sydney Church. That was another opportunity to witness how baptism is being done.
I do not have any photo on the baptism event, however I do have a photo with the church members of Hope Sydney.

Now, i can proudly say that I've experience the 2 extremes of Buddhism and Christianity in a day. Then again, I'll be lost for words when people ask about my religion. I think I'm religiously messed up!!!