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25 July 2007

Melbourne Trip Day 10 [last day]

Traveler's Map:
Day10: Jindabyne -> Canberra -> Sydney
Visited: Canberra Parliament House & Telstra Tower [Black Mountain] & Embassy House.
Total Distance Traveled: 505km approx

Parliament of Australia:
The place where all the national affairs are held seriously

In front of the New Parliament House

The Great Hall which features a tapestry based on a painting by Arthur Boyd. To illustrate the size of the hall, we stood in a straight line and there are still spaces at both extreme end to fit a few elephants. <)-_-(>

Mr.IronMan Jayson representing Singapore & Mr.Joker Kif representing Malaysia in the House of Parliament.

My great intellect being sucked by the cute WeiTing. The Iron-man Jayson being supported by hyperactive RuiQi.

A girl, a guy, a girl and a guy on the rooftop of the New Parliament House

Old Parliament House Lookout:
This is place somewhere up in the mountains over viewing the Old Parliament House.

All of us in front of the Old Parliament House

We had the guts to demonstrate violence in front of the parliament House. How many people can do that without getting into jail??

Wacky Photos in Canberra:

Allow the joker to introduce you the world of wackos!!!

Boys and girls, lets gather around, point at the sky and hope for money to drop down from the sky.

Peace!! Joy to the world!!

The Cause & Effect principle. Karma. The mirror effect. What comes around goes around.

The happiness and satisfaction I got from the 10 day trip expressed in this single picture.