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23 July 2007

Melbourne Trip Day 8

Day8: Jindabyne -> Perisher Blue -> Jindabyne
Visited: Perisher Blue Snow Field.
Today is Skiing day.

Perisher Blue Base:
We had to take a train from the base to the snow field.

Poor plants being suffocated by the snow. Let me help u guys a lil bit by throwing snow balls at my buddies...

The Crimson Boys. Notice that I wore a white bandanna and the other guy a black beanie. Black&White....Doesn't that reminds you of Yin&Yang??

Look at our ski equipments!! A pair of Long skis and a pair of big ass boots!!

Iron Man Boots vs Think Insulator Gloves

Getting ready to GO FLAT OUT at Perisher Blue

Eager skiers ready to rumble!!

Snow Field:
Alrite, Ski Time!!!

Look the noobs... Let me show you how skiing is done!! Wait a minute, why am I in the noob pic??

Skis off...Let's go home guys.... I'm tired... Snow Ball Soup anyone??


chaotic84 said...

hey Kif, long time no see and talk!! how have you been?? graduating soon eh! the pics look good! looks like you guys really did enjoy yourselves in melb.. haha, anyway, cheers!!


3POINT8 said...

hello sharon!!!!
Long time no c!!!
how are u doing??

me?? been good!!
well, uni just started yesterday, and i'm back to a student's life...
Yea, graduating end of this year..not sure what i'll do later..

Thanks for complimenting about the photos... yup, i sure did enjoy myself back then... hope u are enjoying yourself too!!!