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17 July 2007

Melbourne Trip Day 2

We went to the Queen Victoria Market. That is where I bought a pair of water prove gloves for the ski trip happening a few later.
Australia's version of Malaysia's Pasar Malam.

We went to the 'Shark Fin House' for Yum Cha. [In australia YumCha = DimSum. Most malaysians have the misconception that YumCha is LimTeh. Well, I mean YumCha is LimTeh in M'sia but not in Aus. Sigh, Hongkees concept....]
Look at the picture, isn't that cute?? A bunch of immigrants staring at us as though they've never seen an asian before.

Just before lunch, we passed by this interesting outlet, ClubX. We didn't go in for the sex. But we were tempted to go in for the 'Hi-Speed Broadband Internet', just to check our mail..

After Lunch:
The whole gang went to 'Old Melbourne Goal', Melbourne's Oldest Prison. This may be hard to believe, but they made us think that RMIT owns it. Isn't that cool?? A university actually owns a prison. Nice move!! If they caught a student cheating, they'll just have to send him to jail meters away from the cafeteria.
This is the Prison CourtHouse which is now owned by RMIT.

Inside the Prison, equipped with state of the art railing. If they caught any students plagiarizing, they'll just have them to stand there in along the hallway, instruct them to touch the railing and turn on the electricity... A cruel way to die isn't it??

Since we are here, might as well experience the Prison Experience. 1) Knock on the Prison Door... 2) Go inside Prison... 3) Lock yourself In... 4) Tremble as the Prison Door Shuts!

By the way, we get to feel how is it like to be Ned Kelly. The infamous bushranger even has his armor. I wonder if he got the inspiration from WarHammer40K.

And if 1 armor is not enough, the Prison showcased 2 Ned Kelly's Armor. Behold, this is what Australia Ninjas look like!!!

After the prison trip, the 6 guys went for a drink in CoCoBlack while the 6 girls went off for a shopping spree.
Enjoying the best chocolate drink in melbourne. Its so freakin' good that we bought one extra for the camera.

Night Time:
Best way to cure our hunger?? That would be in Crown Casino, buffet style.
Ever seen a bunny that doesn't hop around?? There you go, the famous Bugs Bunny stand by Warner Bros. We wanted to take a photo with the energizer bunny as well, but it keeps on going and going. All image of it are blurred.

Interesting Things about Melbourne
Melbourne has got to be the most Artistic City in the whole world. Just look at their signboards.
[It is in changing that things find response.]
[Follow it, it has no back... Meet it, it has no face]

More Artistic SignBoards

The buildings in Melbourne are beautiful too!!