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27 July 2007

Melbourne Trip Aftermath

Traveler's Map:
This is a summary of the places we've been to throughout the 10day Melbourne Trip.

Total Distance Traveled by car: 2200km approx

  • Its the first time I've traveled so much millage by car within a short period of time.
  • A lot of photos taken in this trip amounts to approximately 3000photos. Thats like taking an average of 300photos per day. Actually this makes sense considering there are about 10cameras involved in this trip.
  • Its also the first time I've experienced snow!! When I first touched snow, I so wanted to tell excitement to someone. When it snowed, life seems so much more beautiful!!!
This Melbourne trip holiday is by far my best holiday!! I've never had so much fun before in my life!!
Man, I'm so looking forward to my next trip happening tomorrow in Port Stephan in NSW, Australia.

Blogging will resume as normal. 1 post for every 2~3days.