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24 July 2007

Melbourne Trip Day 9

Day9: Jindabyne -> Perisher Blue -> Jindabyne
Visited: Perisher Blue Snow Field.
Today is SnowBoarding day.
[Yesterday was Ski Day. Today is Snowboard Day. I just had to experience both of them]

Snow Field:
Alrite, Snowboard time!!!

Getting ready to GO FLAT OUT at Perisher Blue

Snowboarding is a much better experience than Skiing and I look cooler with the snowboard. But its much more tiring to maneuver the snowboard as compared to ski.

The Swnoob family photo. [Swnoob = Snow Noobs] -_-"
Oh, plus it was snowing when this photo was taken.

Fun-Time with on the snow field.

RuiQi, WeiTing & YuHua throwing snow at me, while jack sits there not wanting to help a friend... Sigh, what is the world getting into now??

I don't understand, why do I always get bullied?? I'm gonna have to brush up my Goshin-Ryu Karate when I get back to m'sia