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21 July 2007

Melbourne Trip Day 6

Traveler's Map:
Day6: Grampians -> Ballarat -> Melbourne
Visited: Mckenzie Fall [Grampians] & Sovereign Hill [Ballarat] & Dracula Cabaret Restaurant [Melbourne]
Total Distance Traveled: 268km approx

Mckenzie Fall:
MacKenzie Falls is one of Victoria’s largest and most spectacular waterfalls.

Waterfall exploration

Observation Tower in Grampians

Sovereign Hill:
Step back in time and experience Australia's exciting goldrush days at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. Set on a former goldmining site, this award winning outdoor museum recreates in fascinating detail the hustle and bustle of life in the 1850s.
Welcome to the Golden Days, a city built on Gold

This is unexpected!! They showcased Kif without his glasses. Dang, that guy is just handsome.

I say I look like a Dog, a KifDog... Chen Hooi comments that I looked like a person looking for his glasses while drawing his eyes funnily...

The Gold Rush!!! Travelers always wandered around this stream of water hoping to find Real Gold!!!

Standing majestic behind me is one of the gold processing buildings.

Walking along the streets of Sovereign Hill.

Snow falls in Sovereign Hill.

I tell you, this is the best hang out spot in Sovereign Hill. Its warm and cozy. And if you are lucky, maybe a passerby will drop some coins if you stretch out your hand.

An old veteran officer showing off his ancient weapons. By the way, the thing he is holding is actually a real gun!! He fired a shot in front of us, luckily not at us. Well, I wouldn't mind if he did fired that thing at us....I'm 100% positively sure that he'll definitely miss.

Never....Never ever.....Never Never ever hire Jack (the guy behind me) as a manager!! Freakin' slave driver...

Dracula Cabaret Restaurant:
Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant is Australia's largest and longest running Theatre Restaurant. The costumes are lavish, the comedy is jet-black, and the acts are a feast for the senses - All set to a rockin' song list that'll have you stomping your peg leg.

Posing in front of the Best Theatre Restaurant I've ever been to!!

No photography allowed inside the restaurant. However we managed to take a snap shot of the dessert. Ice-cream, coffin style with a strawberry heart sliced into 2 pieces...