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18 July 2007

Melbourne Trip Day 3

Day 3 is when we drove to Phillip Island to see some farmland and shake hands with friendly animals.

Chocolate Factory:
Along the way to Phillip Island, we stop by at Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.
Doesn't that signboard look delicious to you? I see white chocolate, mocha chocolate and dark chocolate.

I tried to take a bite at it, but it tasted like 'plastic'. I'll just stick with REAL chocolates next time.

Phillip Island Nature Park:
Back to nature...
Nice isn't it?? I'm gonna buy this piece of land when I retire.

Surprise Surprise, I didn't notice it was a canon until I stick my finger in it. I mean who would wanna install a canon in a national park?

What can I say?? Lambs love my magical right hand!! Wanna shake hands with me??

Tonight's Special: Grilled horse shank.

I tell you, Koalas are lazy bums! If they are humans, I'll bet they'll all migrate to US.

Waiting for 'tonight's special' Grilled horse shank.. In the meantime, lets begin with the appetizer.

Reach for the skies

Someone is gonna get a hurt real bad! I'm not telling you who is it, but I think you know him very well...

This is where we saw the actual real-life 'March of the Penguins'. Look at the signboard behind us. No photography. I'm not sure whether they are referring to the penguins or the signboard.

Observation Deck [360]:
We drove back to Melbourne city after the trip to Phillip Island. It was there we made our way to the Observation Deck [360degree]. The observation deck closes at 10pm and we got up there at 9.30pm. That leaves us 30mins to see the whole Melbourne city.
Blend with the shadows, I will. Don't I look cool??

La Porchetta is like the best restaurant I've ever been to!!! The service is spectacular, the price is soso, and the food is freaking good!!! Seriously..This is the best! If you are in Melbourne, better make sure you visit La Porchetta next to Queen Victoria Market.
Advertising for La Porchetta

Look at the plates and pizza!!!

Interesting Things:
More Interesting Signboards.

Traveler's Map:
Day 3: Traveled From Melbourne to Phillip Island. Then from Phillip Island back to Melbourne.