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10 March 2007

Locked out V3

Yup! You probably would have guessed it!!! I got locked out from my home again...
Well then, here is how everything starts.

On a perfect friday, my m'sian friend, Allen invited 1 of his argentinian friend, Pablo over to my house. Pablo is another exchange student in Australia Mcquarie University from his uni in US. Apparently both of them attended the same high school in argentina. Well, thats just the intro.

The real story starts here. So, the 3 of us decided to have dinner over in an Indonesian restaurant. I think Allen wants to intro some asian culture to his friend, Pablo. Well, we had fun trying to convince Pablo that belacan is quite an exquisite beverage. It was fun looking at his facial expression the moment he tried the super-kau super-spicy super-nasty belacan. Swallow a spoon full of wasabi and you probably get to express the same facial expression.
(Notice the countries involved?? Malaysia, Argentina, US, Indonesian, Australia....Gee the world really is getting smaller...)

Anyway, after the dinner, I passed my set of house keys to Allen as he is gonna attend someone's b'day party. Meanwhile, I'm off to Kah Fai's place...
I stayed there for quite a while until 10pm, the time when I start to miss my aussy home. And coincidently at that time, all my housemates were out, in a land far far away. Guess what, they are not gonna be back home till 7am in the morning. And Allen is gonna party till 4am...

Dang, feels like I have a home, but it seems beyond my reach.
[Luckily I have friends who are willing to take me in their place. If else, I guess I'll be lurking in the back alley, looking for a dark damp nice spot and just squat there as I cuddle myself in the cold night doing nothing other then staring at the moon and stars until I have access back home.]

It good to have friends around!!! Agree??
[oh, btw....The guy who took me in, got a free autograph from me. Ah yes, 1 of the many benefits of being my friend...]


liz Q said...

hAhHAhAhHAhAhHAHAhaa...! hilarious! i would have cried if i have to wait in the back alley squating down, staring at the moon whereby the moon does not even bother to say hi to me ;p.

it's good to have friends yeah :)

liz q said...

see u at the amazing race!

liz q said...

I wont forget our team in the amazing race! would not make it without u people...!! =).