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27 March 2007

The other side of Success

Imagine getting the pulitzer award!
Imagine getting the nobel prize!
Imagine being the best President in the history of books!
Imagine having the whole universe in your command!

Doesn't that sound like fun??
Success, recognition, power, riches... Whatever they desire, they can obtain it in a snap of a finger. They probably can do it without having to leave their favourite couch.
Those in that position must be having a great time enjoying their success.
Being successful in the eyes of other must be the best feeling anyone can get.
That is what I thought until recently.
I never knew that there are other 'not-so-happy' sides behind success.

Being successful can rip off a person's drive and determination.
Once they got what they want, what next?
What if there is nothing next?
Wouldn't that be sad?

Its like those movies that focus on the element of 'revenge'. Once u get your 'revenge', what next? And they often end up living a lonely sad life.
What if this can be said the same for success??
Scary isn't it??

I remember when Dilbert hit it big and it became clear that I would never again have to worry about money. It was a wonderful feeling, but it didn’t last. I went from happy to hollow with no warning. The first moment that I could afford any car I wanted, I lost interest in having a nice car. I simply couldn’t see the point, if there ever was one. Success is surprisingly disorienting.
One day, about ten years ago, I was alone in my office, sitting on the couch and reflecting on the fact that I had managed to become rich and famous in my dream job. For the first time in my life, I had no goals. And for a goal-oriented guy, that’s an empty feeling. Success was supposed to feel good and stay that way. But it tricked me. There was a huge hole in my soul. I sat in my office and sobbed.
----> Scott adams

This creator of dilbert reveals the 'other side' of success:

Well, enough of fantasizing about the other side of success...
I want my success now!!! I demand it!!!
No wait....Success can't be demanded...
Oh well, I'll just wait until it demands me!!
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