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21 March 2007


Parkour also known as Free Running is a kind of sport where running meets acrobatics, a lil bit of martial arts. Originated from French, the aim of parkour is to move from point A to point B as efficiently and as quickly as possible. It is a beautiful sport using only the agility of a human body to pass through any obstacles which may include leaping through from one building to another, falling from a few stories high, long jump a river.

This video was featured in Discovery Channel. It previews the sport of free running.

Extracted from the movie Banlieue 13, this video feature the extreme side of Free Running.

Other than running, there are other factors behind this sport which makes it so elegant! It requires the agility of a person plus a quick wit and a clear mind to perform a beautiful run! Free-Runners are running so fast that they hardly have the time to calculate the distance for a lethal jump. Failing to judge the distance or mess up with the jump, free-runners may end up with a broken spine or even worse, death! However, if properly executed, free-runners can be in a run for for most elegant being.

I am deeply fascinated by this sport. I like the idea of continuously running forward overcoming any obstacle gracefully. [Too bad I do not have what it takes to be a Free-Runner.]


liz q said...

wow.. so naruto series were not a bluff at all.. lol~

3POINT8 said...

some naruto moves are possible in real life