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12 March 2007

Amazing Race

I went for the 'Amazing Race' event organise by Sydney Hope Church last saturday. This version of amazing race is only a one-day event. No wait, its more of a 3 hours amazing race event + BBQ.

The event was held on the beautiful ground of Olympia Park in Sydney.

A brief story of the race:
Each team consist of 4 members. We were all told to run around like lost tourist seeking for clues and landmarks just so that we do not get lost in the same place over and over again.
Out of the 12 teams in this race, our team [Lissya, Anita, Kah Fai, and Kif] were the 4th team to complete the race. Its quite an accomplishment considering we took our own sweet time, walking casually, taking photos everywhere. Wouldn't have done it without the team...
The walking was all good exercise, the scenery was breath-taking, and the company was the no.1 factor which made this event great!!!

On that small lil note: "Congratulations! You have one final task. Race towards the BBQ pits @Bicentennial Park. Time is of essence."


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