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19 March 2007

Trouble Logging in

I haven'update my blog for so long. It has been a week since my last post.

Well you see, I have trouble logging into blogger for the past week.
Its not because of I do not have access to the net.
Its not because of slow internet connection.
Its not because of Blogger.com breaking down also.
For the valid reasons, It is because of some silly problem that I can't log in to Blogger.com. Hehe, well....Its because I forgot my password.
I've tried all sorts of keywords for hours. Frankly speaking, I was about to give up. Then again, Today must be a very auspicious day for me!!! I manage to recall my long lost password today! If my blog happens to be the no.1 blog in the whole wide world, I would gladly declare 19th March as Blogging day!!! The day when I recall my password.

Funny isn't it??
All of the sudden, I forgot the password for something that I've been using consistently for almost a year...
Speaking of which, yeah...It has been a year since I have used this blog.


liz q said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! tell me ur password and i'll remind u next time.. how is it?

3POINT8 said...

Hhmm....sounds feasible...
What am i thinking??