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26 March 2007

Patience is a virtue

What happens when you serve a cup of cobra's blood to a person who has a phobia of blood?
What happens if you give a dozen a red roses to a peron who you know clearly is allergic to flowers?
What happens if you throw a dozen of tarantulas to a person who just lost and arm to its poisonous sting?
What happens if you confine a paranoid person with a passionate mad man armed with grenade and AK-47?

According to my roommate, anyone face with such circumstances would cringe on the floor, fall into seizure, roll around and cough out foam.

Yea, he could be right..
Coz i'm about to cringe on the floor, fall into seizure, roll around and cough out enough foam to drown the whole of australia.
And what might be the cause of of my distress, you might ask.. Undeniable, all of my distress are a result of my room-mate's lifestyle habit.

For starters, he is someone who is not going to stay for long. So, he doesn't own any closet or any shelve to store his stuff...not at the moment. For the moment, most of his stuff are lying on the floor cluttering my room. Well, I would have done the same thing given the limited space in my room. But I wouldn't since i'm commited to 'tidy-living'.

To present the golden trophy of distress to my room-mate's lifestyle would be to commemorate his unique selection of music and the volume of his preference. Let's just say it's load enough to rival a world class soprano.

And....jeng jeng jeng...
The platinum medal of distress would be to reward his constant invitation to watch anime and online games. The moment I take out a book, place it on my super cool black 2nd-hand table, flip a page, and there he goes: "Eh, Kif, let's watch zipang! I heard there are good reviews on it".
Alrite, I guess 1 episode of anime wouldn't waste away my life that much. Then as I lift up my favourite cyan-coloured mechanical pencil, he flashes his "WoW 10-day free trial invitation card" with the left hand, and starts playing WoW with the right hand. Yes, a rare showcase of a great talent.

Oh, 1 thing you should know about the great Kif. Most would agree that KiF is very patient person. Kif wouldn't want to complain such minor problem to his roommate. After all, Kif wouldn't want to spoil his fun. Most say that I have a very different view on life as compared to others. So, I'll just let his way of lifestyle go on (after all, we are all roommates. We should all learn how to compromise).
So then, I treat this as a perfect oppurtunity to practise my body language particularly the 'moody face', the 'stressed out look' and the 'black face look'. And of course the 'happy face' (The transition from a 'black facr' to a 'happy face' only occurs the moment he opens the door and step out of the room). Anyone can change their face from one expression to another distinct expression is easy to do but to do in a split second is something not everyone can accomplish. Yes, It takes and eternity and tremendous effort to refine this useful skill.
Go ahead, try it. Try giving a [frown with a sad face couple looking at oblivon with the heavy breathing] and change it to a [genuine smile with a radiant face and not forgetting those big glad eyes] in an instant. If u can do it, your 'genuine' smile is probably just an act.

Plus, this is a good exercise to build up my 'boiling point'. Not a very useful trait in life, but i guess it only comes useful when you are chosen as a victim of 'MTV's boiling point' TV show.
Oh wait, I guess I'm wrong. Patience is a virtue.... It is something of paramount interest in our life after all.


THE ROOMATE! said...

Walau eh,
a bit too much issit it?
I pity your roommate man:(
exagerrate till cannot anymore:P:P

Andang said...

Hi cyan..Bent/andang here from believedreams.com..wow..nice blog now you getting better and better again..your passion, opinion very fantastic keep it up..

Sorry because long time i did't visit your friendster because my account have a ban by their member..anyway good luck!!

LaYpOhLaS said...

hey im goin through same problems...something similar but in general bout not having ur won room le. sigh

3POINT8 said...

Exaggeration is an art.
Its takes the creativity and an inspiration of a mind to do it.

Laypoh is sharing room with someone?
Yea, not having your own room is quite inconvenient. It's quite an experience...

littlepolaris said...

haha u ppl are being pampered too much in m'sia la!
Imagine me in russia stucked with a full basket of trash/rubbish ppl. How would u feel? how do u overcome it?
the things with roomate, try to tolerate lor or speak up to him... if he dun listen and refuse to co-operate... then SORRY LAR I'M KICKING U OUT!

3POINT8 said...

A full basket of trash and rubbish...
hmm....that is quite a scenario... Perhaps I would love to experience it..

Well, I have my own ways of delivering my msg..
One cruel way is to hope that my roommate's gf visit my blog and read this. Hmmm, perhaps i should give her a mail if he doens't take action.

If that still doesn't work, I'll make him a 'very glad man' to have be my roommate, to have witness things few have the courage to experience. There is something which I've always wanted to do, but never had the excuse to exercise it..

Qte said...

hhhmmhhh.. that's what u get when sharing a house.. it really is not easy to get a good housemate who is 'suitable' with ur lifestyle and all... he should be glad staying with a patient and nice person like u hUAhUAhUAhaa

the roomate! said...

My housemate is damn good man! I'm not saying he's bad