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19 July 2006

Needs and Wants

Everyone have needs and wants.
'Needs' to survive through the day, and 'Wants' to fulfill the purpose of their existance..
And when a 'Need' becomes a 'Want', its usually because of greed.
I want this! I want that! And i want everything else.
Human's greed can be treated as an advantage of our own.
Discover people's want, and you get to influnce and control their action

According to James K.Van Fleet, Humans have 14 basic desires or learned needs:
1) a sence of personal power... mastery over others
2) ego gratification... a need for feeling important
3) financial success... everything that money can buy
4) recognition of effort... reassurance of work and effort
5) social or group approval... acceptence by peers
6) desire to win... the need to be no.1, to be the best
7) sense of roots... belonging somewhere
8) the oppurtunity for creative expression
9) achievement of something worth while
10) new experince
11) privacy and liberty
12) sense of self-esteem, dignity and self respect
13) love in all form
14) emotional security

Exploit their personal desires, and u have the upper hand...