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06 July 2006

Another achievement...

Sometimes we ponder upon our existence and wonder what is life all about....
In times great depression, when we are down, when shitty days comes barge into our life, most of us would get angry, dissatisfied, and wish how things would go according to our liking...

Last week when i was still having my major exams, i made a decision..."Don't worry, Be happy!!!"
To be happy, no matter what kind of shit comes in my way.
(to most people: "uh huh, yea rite..... What's so hard about doing that??")

I guess i had to thank the thermo exam, the paper which i did extremely badly.
I was kinda depressed and stressed about how could i not perform considering it is an easy paper...
I was feeling down for a couple of days.
There are still other exams to worry about, but my mind was primarily focused on that particular failure...
Most of the time, there's a book in front of me, but i just ain't motivated to do my revision....

When i don't feel like doing the stuff that i'm suppose to do, i do what i do best, surf the net...Yup, the virtual world which literally houses all the information in the world.
I didn't have a purpose to surf the net. I wasn't seachin for anything in particular. I just had to get out of the exam pressure, and the internet provides the perfect hideout.
I just want to see and read stuff other than those related to my exams..
As i click here, click there, i ran across some good articles... (Most of which are derived from the philosophy of buddhism)

That tuesday night, i was recalling about what i read. I began to contemplate about my life..

That whole night, i was feeling miserable...
At one point, i began to realise that i was actually feeling miserable...Before this i was too busy feeling miserable that i didn't realise that i was actually miserable.
By the time i've realised that, i thought to myself: "Are u really that miserable?? And if i am, does that mean that i feel something?? And even if i do feel miserable, do i have to keep on feeling miserable?? Don't i have a choice to not feel miserable about myself??"
It was then when i realised that i have a choice...
Some say that life is all about the choices we make. Of course, there are those who expect us to behave in a manner, but are we suppose to live up to that expectation??
Can't we have our own choices??
After all, why be miserable if u can choose to be happy.
And i chose to be happy....27th of june was the day when i made a choice to be happy.

Sometimes a person can have millions of dollars or everything the heart apparently desires and still be unhappy...
And sometimes a person can have nothing and feel happy about himself...
Sometimes... people are already happy. The only problem is that they can't see it.
Some say that it's not about being happy, it is about realising that you are already happy.
And if u ain't feeling happy, do something about it.

Seriously, how can we maintain happiness 24/7??
no one in this world is 100% happy all the time.. and to tell you the truth, who would want to be? Thats why happiness is special. Its because is hard to accomplish and once you have it, its for a little moment… and those are the moments that shape your life.
Don't worry, be happy..