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27 July 2006

Cob-web days

Now that i've entered the 1st week of uni life, things are gonna come in my way.... The usual stuff: assigments, projects, homework, study, exams, quizzes....And not to mention those mundane tutorial and lecture hours....
Sigh... A typical Student's life....

So, before i go on to the 'session mood', I wanna recap what i've done in my holidays, just before i turn off my 'holiday mood' button.

1) Organised my last semester's notes and chucked it away for good... (Woohoo!!!)
2) Outings with 'day-avenue' gang. (Lissya's bunch of indo friends) (A pretty cool gang actually...super friendly...thanks liz!!!!)
3) Dota almost every night
4) Learned a few tricks about adobe photoshop and html..
5) Got to know a bunch of UNSW newbies.. (ISS work wonders....)
6) Finished FF7.. (Yes, it took me 1 whole semester to complete the game. 18weeks...)
7) Staring at rain drops for hours comtemplating at virtually nothing..(At times like this, i love rainy weather)
8) And if i'm not doing any of the above, i'm literally 'hibernating'...



ISS gathering
UNSW Freshie

3POINT8 4444
3POINT8 4444
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it's liz. who else? said...

huahuHAuhAaa.. day avenue gang.. come let's play dota again if u dare enough huAHUHAAaa.. good eh u've done some stuff in ur holiday! meeee... one thing i regret i didnt do it... learn how to cook..! duh! i bought the cooking books but.. never use them... sigh.. next holiday i guess? haha

4444 said...

yup....day avenue gang!!!
Learn how to cook??
Ahahaha, i'm also learning how to cook... At this stage, nothing fancy comes out, but at least its edible...
(oh well liz, wish u luck in ur cooking days...)