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31 August 2008

Subcribe to 3POINT8

For those who has been loyally following this blog, 3POINT8, I reward them with good quality post.

A few example of good posts writen by 3POINT8 are:
Within me, AIDS lie dormant
Nonsensical Crappy Stuff
Proud To Be a Malaysian
Flame - Hell in Cyberworld
Inconspicuous Stranger (pt 1/2)
Assassin's Ego (pt 2/2)
Are students entitled for Health?
Nameless Panda

But if you noticed, I haven't been blogging for quite some time. There are a couple of reason to that.
1) Professional blogger have standards. None of my recent drafted can surpass the quality of recent post. Hence they are not qualified to be published.
2) Addiction is a bad habit. I've been trying to get over my addiction to blogging for the past few months. Two weeks of not involving is quite an achievement. (This month has been a great month to me)
3) A celebrity blogger is here with me. (Lets see if there are more than one way to FuRape someone *legally*...If you have any brilliant ones, do drop some ideas)
4) None of the reason above can beat the fourth one. The most influential factor to why I've slowed down: I'm addicted to Youtube.

Cheer up. That doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop blogging. It only means that I'll only publish articles which I deem worthy for 3POINT8. Therefore, for those who doesn't want to miss out on great articles by the great witter 3POINT8, subscribe to my blog!

2 Easy steps to subscribe to my blog:
0) Goto to the top of the right sidebar of this blog
1) Enter your email address
2) Hit Subscribe button
A few good reasons to why you should subscribe to my blog, 3POINT8.
1) FAST! You get to be the first few lucky people to read my upcoming super-owning post
2) DIRECT! My recent post will go directly to your email add, saving the problem for you to visit my blog. (Though coming back to the original post and update yourself on reader's comment would be a good choice)
3) EASY! Its simple to subscribe. Just enter your email and press the subscribe button.
4) Its FREE! (guaranteed no junk mails)

So, have you subscribe to a good blog lately?


-popjammerz- said...

Ya you really do blog lesser! Quality Control? That's so professional! Too bad I can't come up with such great posts like you do. I don't really like and know how to write very concrete and filled with substance post of yours..I jsut write bout my life and my thoughts and some inspiring moments :)
All the best to you 3.8! I still come here to read!

xniquet said...

do i get porn along with the post ? you know that would be a great add on service :D

BLue said...

we can always keep in touch via msn. Do pass me some nice song you bloody nvr intro 2 me

Falcon said...