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22 June 2008

Within me, AIDS lie dormant.

----Within me, AIDS lie dormant----
[A fiction]

dice was cast landing my piece to ‘CHANCE’. I stretched out my hand to the stack of CHANCE cards gently taking the top card wishing for something to secure my position as first place. Happy I was the moment I realized that the ultimate card ‘Get out of Jail Free’, was withing my grasp. 17cards available in the Chance stack and I got the ultimate one. Now this is what I call luck!

I'm not a believer of fate but I do believe in luck. At the peak of my happiness, Aidsten enviously commented how I was always the lucky one living in a perfect world. Hiven agreed adding saying that I seem to have everything: Beauty, Brains, Health, Friends and Fame. That’s the perk of being a high achiever in college: recognition. Everyone around me seems to envy my life and there are some who even said that they'll gladly trade their life for mine anytime. Some would even go to extremes saying that they'll sell their soul to the devil to live my life for a day. That is how famous I am in college.

I replied confidently with a smirk: ‘Well....God loves me’. Since everyone is enjoying the game, I might as well go with the flow replying them with a happy tone. While my lips are poised with a smile, a feeling of sadness within me began to overwhelmed me. A moment ago I was feeling confident, and now I am beginning to experience a hint of dark cloud shadowing my heart. Sometimes, I really hope that devils exist in this world. I'll trade my life with anyone, anytime!

All my life, I've been hiding a dark secret from everyone. While everyone perceives me as the perfect angel bestowed from heaven, nobody knew that I was born with HIV+. Life isn’t fair; I did nothing to deserve this and yet I am the one to be haunted by it. It is only a matter of time before AIDS decides to pop up and cause havoc in my perfect life. I'm a walking timebomb, and there is nothing much I can do about it.

While my friends envy me, I envied them even more. They can afford to sleep late, partake bad diet, get sick and they’ll recover in no time. For me, I have to constantly monitor my health for I cannot fall sick, NOT EVEN ONCE as I know a common flu can easily end my life. My life sucks! Unlike people who pass away from chronic diseases like cancer, If I die I'll probably die from some puny little common flu. I'm a pathetic weakling.

That was what I used to believed in a few years ago when I was still an immature teenager. I guess death is not such a bad thing considering I've done all I could with my life. I did well in school, I'm the president of the college entrepreneur club, I made a dozen of good friends, I own 3POINT8. Even if I have to go tomorrow, I know I'll leave the world with no regrets for I've achieved all I could in my life.

Just as I was about to delve deep into my sorrow, Siv tapped my shoulder bringing me back to reality. From the way he offered me the dice, I could tell that it is my turn again. This time I rolled an eight landing my piece to ‘JAIL’. I reluctantly hand over the 'Get out of Jail' Card while fantasizing how life could be a little more like monopoly. Just like in the game, I wish that there is a ‘Get out of HIV Free’ card somewhere in the world so that I too have a second chance in life.
----Written By 3POINT8----

Author's Note:
Names used in this article are inspired by HIV related disease,
Aidsten = AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
Hiven = HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
Siv = SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus)

This article was originally intended as an entry for a contest organised by AisecUPM in April 2008. The contest entry article was reduced to 200words, which reduced the quality of the article. Anyway I didn't win, but the winning script can be found here.

[Top Comment by QuaChee]
oh my this is touching & inspiring at the same time.
do take care & continue to live life the fullest. for you to come so far, there is still so much to enjoy for whatever time is left. we are all living in a time bomb, actually.
again, inspiring :)


Cyren Z. Wong said...

Hey thanks for dropping over!

Man I loved that article of yours...the whole HIV thing. Is it a true story? Like are you born with HIV+

If so, just let me say I know what it is like living with a timebomb (not HIV)inside of you. But I find that if anything it helps you appreciate things more. I sometimes feel sorry for the people around me, who go through life worrying about everything not not appreciating anything.

But it was a great story nontheless.


BaLQiz said...

Really creative!

Nikkiko said...

Aw man. Life can be such a joke.

Well, it's still dormant for now at least.

I'm very sure you have been, and still will be, lighting the hearts and faces of many, as long as you have lived, and of the time that you have left...


... as you have for me any many other bloggers who enjoy reading 3POINT8.

*wonders if I'm going to make a fool out of myself mistaking a competition entry with a fiction label for reality*

ColourfulWorld said...

Well, those who wish to fool around should really read this. Each year many innocent lives were claimed by this virus from Africa jungle.

There is nothing as pure fun in this world. Everything has its own price to pay.

Get real and be responsible. Don't hurt those you love the most!

curryegg said...

Competition is nothing than your real effort and desire in doing certain thing. This is what we call, 'spirit' and motivation.

So, it's ok for not winning because you've tried your best, right?

I'm looking forward for more stories from you, Kif.. :)

QuaChee said...

oh my this is touching & inspiring at the same time.

do take care & continue to live life the fullest. for you to come so far, there is still so much to enjoy for whatever time is left. we are all living in a time bomb, actually.

again, inspiring :)

Buzzing J said...

Two scenarios:
1. I'm crossing a busy street. "Bang!" Out of noway, a car crashes into me. Right before I close my eyes for the last time, regrets overwhelm my heart, thinking about all the things that I said I wanted to do but never get around to do it.

2. I know I'm going to die soon, so I live everyday to the fullest, as if it's the last day of my life, until the last day of my life.

So, which is the preferable scenario?

But since this is fiction, I'll save my "mouth water" for something else. :)

Teddy said...

eh, u r active in Aiesec?

pamsong said...

I like this article you wrote.

Simon Seow said...

Not bad mate.

keemanxp said...

Good piece! Keep writing pal! :)

-popjammerz- said...

urs is great u know!...i thought u'd win you know..but seems like the judges look from other point of viewS i guessed.. well, creative writing urs is indeed, really double triple thumbs up!!!:)

a@ron said...

It's touching and really nice piece of work you have!

Ping Ping said...

This is good. Real good. Die, no wonder university refuse to offer me a place in journalism, look at my work. T.T

Sharoning Q. said...

I read the winning entries, it was all very well-expressed, but i think yours is equally good.

Creative and scattering an imminent touch by putting yourself as the cast.

Guttu said...

Is this for real?? If yes then no sympathies.. Shocked??? Well you got a chance to prove how to live life. Show others how you live with so many difficulties. God always does things for good. Take this in +ve manner.

chaborkia.com said...

great article. really feels as though you're in the person's shoes. poor poor people... :( but luckily the disease can be controlled with the right medication liao. :D