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21 December 2007

Thomas Edison & lightbulb

Who invented the Phonograph?
Thomas Alva Edison!
[Yay! $2 won!]

Who electrocuted an Elephant with 1000V AC power?
Thomas Alva Edison's worker!
[Yay! $20 won!]

Who invented the lightbulb?
Thomas Alva Edison!
[Ouch, $60 flew out of my wallet just like that]
It wasn't Thomas Edison. It was Joseph Swan who invented the lightbulb. If you don't believe me, go wiki Joseph Swan.

[Interesting fact] Thomas Edison got expelled from 3 schools. The reason: "Asking too many questions!"

I lost $38 to a friend. Slicky conman! I was so convinced that I would win the bet. But no, what my school teacher told me was wrong all this while. And it took me 13 years to realize the truth!
So, the next time you see a guy with the T-shirt "My name is 3POINT8" who wants to makes a $2 bet with you... Think twice, let him win.

Moral of the story: Don't ask too many questions! Mother earth may kill you for asking too much!


chingy said...

Finally I'd gotten some facts about light bulbs! XD

And no; you shall never win! MUahahhaha.

宝茹 said...

You have a very sneaky friend!

x said...

like that also wanna bet? cum let's bet who did the first porn...wuakakkakakakaka.

Anonymous said...

Who did the first porn? Never thought of that question before... who did huh? Send the video over and make Mrs BB pull my ears hahahahhahah


lengluiling said...

Relax la tu.....=X

3POINT8 said...

Why not? Its only $2... think about it!

I was just trying to pick up a few tricks from him and thats what I got.

oo oo...let me guess, some horny egpytians back in 5000 BC?

I tried googling 'who did the 1st porn'...and i kinda got carried away. :P

not very keen on asking anymore questions, are u? Good good, at least someone took heed of my advice :P

lovie said...

$2 per question? You lost $38 to your friend, that means you answered a lot of questions wrongly? =p

3POINT8 said...

only 3 questions! I won $22 on the fist 2 questions and I lost $60 on the 3rd question...
Net loss = $38

curryegg said...

Joseph Swan?
Really? lol.. luckily I am not the guesser. Haha...
If next time I saw the guy with "My name is 3POINT8", I will pecut lari lu.. muahaha...

3POINT8 said...

Don't pecut lari! At least give me a chance to allow me to convince you to give out your hp no.