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06 December 2007

Eye contact

When eye meets eye, an elusive kind of contact is established! Eye contact is one of the most emphasized non-verbal communication here in this planet.

Most would sat that eye contact is important as it represent trust and creates a mystical bond at the same time.
In English culture, eye contact is a must as a display of respect.
In British culture, eye contact is an act of intrusion.
In South Asian culture, eye contact is viewed as aggression.
In certain culture, eye contact can also mean flirting. ^_^
To the blind.... Tough luck!

Then again, nobody would want to talk to someone who only looks at the floor 24/7. Which also means that a short duration of eye contact is important no matter who you are interacting with.
Personally, I was brought up to believe that eye contact is intrusive and rude. So establishing eye contact is something which I'm really bad in. I tend to look here look there, up in the sky, or far behind the person as if he/she is transparent.

Can help a fellow blogger out here?
How do you view eye contact as? (act of intrusion or act of respect)
and if u do make eye contact, how long will it be so that it doesn't look inappropriate??
(Do you have like a maximum eye contact duration??)


Anonymous said...

i normally mind my own business n look at ppl direct only when spoken to. unless it is someone i know well


Jason Phoon said...

look in their eyes, but not stare directly ?? don't wanna be a creep too .. haha

The Artist said...

hmm...i will look and the person and try not to stare at him/her. It's very intimidating if you keep on looking at the person and don't look away at all....keke

Nux said...

normally i just look awhile, not a long and deep look ler...but still focusing on the conversation.
i m a shy fella, thus sometimes i feel weird having eye contact with asian guys while communicating. Westerner is ok for me, coz their culture is different, and they dun tink i m flirting wif them if i stare at them too long, wuakakakak...

宝茹 said...

Don't stare...sometimes look at the nose or the mouth.

Really weird if eye-to-eye everytime, I think. :P

Calv said...

waaa so emo wan...wahahahah

3POINT8 said...

Oh...ok. So, I take it that you don't don't make eye contact with total strangers who you don't plan to make contact with.

[Jason Phoon]
Look into their eyes, but don't stare directly? Huh? Tak faham. Look but dun stare...how can it be done?

[the artist]
but how long only is it considered as 'staring'?

Oh? westeners don't consider your staring as flirting? ahhaha, maybe u are not ****** enough. Peace!

Nose area! got it!
Agreed, its really weird if eye-to-eye everytimg

wat to do?? I can't stare at the person I like. And it happens all the time! 100% no fail! So, emo a bit lor.

littlepolaris said...

if dat guy is Wuchun... if he look at me directly in the eyes... i think the chances for me to be his gf is very high ahahaha

Calvin's Wife said...

actually, it depends how u play with ur eye contact wukakakaka..

you MUST always look at the eye of the person you're talking too to show ur interest in the current conversation. Eye contact is very important during a job interview.

When you meet a new person and trying to befrienders with, always look in the eye when talking to show ure interested and not be rude just to look away.

DO NOT STARE at someone for so long that she or he thinks ure a creep, unless u wanna kacao.

Only look into the eye at an appropriate time....

I've been practicing this, so far so good, wukakakka every job interview i go, the interviewee likes me ;) So have eye contact all the time

Jade Z. said...

i think it depends on HOW u wanna use this gift from god. when one plays with eye contact with the other, i am sure both sides know what style means what. haha! so just enjoy the intensity!!! q:

pinksterz said...

all i can think of when reading your post is...

dari mata turun ke hati xD

Fluffy~ said...

Well, if u r talking to the person, i think it is important to keep eye contact. but if it in LRT and u look at someone/stranger, i think it is instrusion and de fella look back at u.. hmm.. makes sense arr? :D

Fluffy Life~

it's liz Q said...

hey there, u changed ur blog interface. hehe neat. Anyway, i think making an eye contact means respect and "i'm listening to you" attitude hehe~~

x said...

eye contact >>>act of seduction :P


3POINT8 said...

Sure bo? What if ppl don't accept you?

[calvin's wife]
*jots down* Must give an intense eye contact to interviewer. I'm gonna ask for ur secret later in msn. =D

[jade z.]
WoW! A gift from god. What a way to put it! Ahaha, enjoy the intensity. It does feel awkard to me though.

Since when u've became a poet?

Indeed. Most commenters said that eye contact is important! So i guess making eye contact to a stranger is 'intrusion'?

[it's liz q]
Liz!!! Glad to see you here! oh...ok... eye contact means respect and i'm listening to you". Very important attitude. I must start to practise good eye contact. ^_^

*wink wink... your famous eyebrow emoticon

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

honestly i'm very bad at eye contact.but i think keeping eye contact is very important to show that u are confident and sincere. oh well...

3POINT8 said...

Ahaha..that is what everyone said "eye contact is very important to show that u are confident and sincere."
I wonder if its really that important, why are we both so bad at it...

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

hmmm means we're not sincere and confident lor muahahahahaha. but sumtimes when i do try to keep eye contact, i can't help but feel like i am challenging that other person haha

3POINT8 said...

Haha...same here. When I'm feeling all superior and when I feel like challenging someone, I tend to stare at ppl's eye fro a very long time. And I'll be satisfied if the other looks away 1st.