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27 December 2007


A new Online advertising Network was launched on Xmas day 2007. I guess Santa Claus was kind enough to bless Nufflet. According to their website, Nufflet was launched at 8.40pm. I guess those involved in it made it in time just for Xmas.

I don't know about you guys, but I have a funny feeling about the name, Nufflet. The name sounds very familiar... Maybe I'm having too many nuggets lately.

I was kinda hyped about it when i read it on Merdurian and JohnnyKiu. Sadly, my enthusiasm shattered and diminished like snow flakes when I read this line on Nufflet's FAQ.
What kind of requirements do you have for a Publisher?
To become a publisher in the Nufflets Network, you must meet our minimum requirements:
2. You must own the domain (i.e. your website must not be hosted on a free service).
Oh well, I'm sure there is more to life than having my own domain.
[Psstt...I'm still waiting for Santa to magically appear and say: "3POINT8, your wish is my command"]


x said...

nufflet sounds like fillet ....

kif..faster get a domain and sub kasi saya :P

chingy said...

I also want domainnnn. NAKKKK!

Nux said...

nufflet = nuffnang (first 4 letters) + adverlet (last 3 letters)!

宝茹 said...

I told a friend--Nufflet is like Piglet, hahaha~~ :P

PS. You know, something weird with your comment section, I subscribe to your comments--but don't get e-mails, unlike other Blogspot blogs~~ Hmmm...

3POINT8 said...

I'm really thinking of getting my own domain dy... Wait wait, let me find out more about it 1st.

Haha, you also want one ar? Yes, we go apply together ok??

No wonder it sounds so familiar!!

Cometh said...

No need to get own domain larrrrr.. =p

But then again, if got free one..then I don't mind also.. =p

curryegg said...

I don't meet the requirement too..
Nvm.. 3point8... we still can earn some money.. the day is still bright..

But I wish I can have my own domain.. but not so soon I guess..
Gambate to us ya~

3POINT8 said...

I'll look into the comment feed problem. Thanks for telling me ya! Worse come to worst, i may have to change my current template.
(I'm still a beginner when it comes to html, css and all these programming stuff)

I realized that those who have their own domain, their blog loads way much faster. Also I have this funny feeling that its easier for them to get readers.

WoW! 'The day is bright' That was very encouraging! Much appreciated!
Yes yes...gambateh to us!!! Bonzai!!!Bonzai!!!Bonzai!!!

curryegg said...

gambate! Gambate! GAMBATE!!!

x said...

how about ahgua.com? not taken yet

wanna share?

MerDuriaN said...

whopps too bad hor.. I don't even aware of this @@

chingy said...

Or maybe chingyrocks.com


keeyit said...

seems everyone is talking on this.. I must get myself one !

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

yeah... kinda potong steam when i learned about the won domain thingy... ish... too bad

x said...

spankmy ass.com




want anymore ?

3POINT8 said...

wha wha... those dotcom names! Sounds good! I'll consider about it. Yea man! We need a catchy domain add!

Sigh...Envious of someone who owns their domain. Less worries

Muahahax3. I'm gonna register for chingyrocks.com. By the time you want to be a full time blogger, you have to buy the domain from me!

Dang, I'm advertising for something which i can't use!

YA!! SAme here! Potong Steam...

MerDuriaN said...

But I still see you publish nufflets ads on your right side bar @@

3POINT8 said...

I'm gonna put there for another day, just to see if nufflet approve my blog. If there are no reply from them by 1st of jan, I'm gonna remove nufflet.