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16 December 2007

Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2007 [Video]

Following the previous post, here are some videos for your entertainment.

The following video was by DJ Lazyr. Its also the same performance that landed him with the title 'Champion'.

Oppsss..Did i mentioned videos?
Oh well, I only managed to upload 1 video. I was planning on uploading 2 other videos, 1 goofy shuffle dance and 1 sexy booty shaking...


Calv said...

wow seems to me u had a hell of a time. hehehe i too had some drinks me self. but it's at friend's place only, no more clubs for me :P

www.keeyit.com said...

more video?

x said...

woa woa would have blown every dj wukakakkakaa

3POINT8 said...

Awww...retiring from clubbing days?

yup...more video are up in the next post!

Awww...too bad woa woa ain't performing! I would love to see woa woa do some scratching!

Ah Ros said...

Do drop me the link if you manage to get a video of DJ MicHoh's set. ^_^

3POINT8 said...

[ah ros]
Sure sure...no prob!