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15 December 2007

Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2007

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Finally! My 1st 1week ad from nuffnang! "TM iTalk Week 2 SS". Week2 SS, prolly I missed out on week1. Gee, I sure hope that I get week3, week4 - week8 and so on...

*Scratch Scratch Scratch- Deejay DeDeDeeeeJaayyyy*
Crowds bowing DJs at Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2007 happening in Maison on the 14th dec 2007. The competiton was categorized into two categories, MegaMix and LongMix. Lurking from everywhere, More than 50 Malaysia's own DJ battled each other with a purpose: To be the BEST! Only the top 5 contestants from each category are chosen to show it all off in Maison.

Digital DJ Battle 2007 - Brought to you by Pioneer, Johnie Walker, Heineken and Juice.

A DJ's ultimate throne!

2 Categories: Out of 50, only 6 basked in their moment of glory!

DJ Lazyr - Champion of MegaMix Category
DJ MicHoh - Champion of LongMix Category

DJ Lazyr - Champion of the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2007 [Megamix Category]

Lucky me! I was fortunate enough to stand next to the champ!


LeNgLuiLiNg said...

DJ ROX!!!!!

x said...

why didnt tell earlier, DJ Woa Woa would have cream them all...YAY

3POINT8 said...

Agreed! DJ ROX!!!

ya man...what happened to DJ woa woa? Never sign the fella up for this competition one?
I'm sure woa woa will be the star of the night! *woof*

curryegg said...

To be frank, this competition is cool! How I wish I can learn to be a DJ... music and I love it~!

3POINT8 said...

There is a DJ academy in msia.
Bionic DJ Academy
It'll be cool to see another female DJ around!

Nux V said...

lucky u! i want to shoot photo with the champ too!!!!

my said...

i want to take pics too for blogging lah

Anonymous said...

i hate blogger comments :) dont know why it never goes through


3POINT8 said...

[nux v]
Dun worry nux....I'm sure there is a next time!

Haha. y not go get one of those super high tech professional looking SLR? Then snap photos wherever you go! Sure got lots of pic to put up in your blog one! Btw, whats ur blog link?

Blogger comments... Let me see what can be done..