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17 December 2007

Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2007 [Video2]

Alrite. I managed to upload the other 2 videos on youtube a moment ago.

There were some minigames to heat up the floor in between the competition. Among those games, 1 of them was a booty dance and 1 goofy shuffle dance.


LeNgLuiLiNg said...

i thought the girl gonna do something hard.....can't see her face aso... =3

x said...

fuu..the first girl dancing syok,,,not the dancing but the way like she is almost taouching herself is hot ...:P~~~~~~~~~~~~~

www.keeyit.com said...

They dance so well

3POINT8 said...

Haha.. Don't want to show her face lar. Later ppl sue me or something. =3

YAya... I also think so!

yup yup. They do. Especially the girl