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07 October 2007

A question on 3.8 [Updated]

Princess Eileen asked:
"I got a new brainstorming question for you 3.8 means kepo right? Haha, suddenly got inspired :P"

3.8 = kepo?
well well, lets start of by explaining the Theory of Association. People tend to associate a certain something with something else. For example, most may associated 38=sanpat=kepo=busybody. See how it relates?

Alrite. Lets use another example.
The alphabet 'A' may not mean a lot. But if you add a 's' at the back, 'A' becomes 'As'. [A -> As]
And I know how some of you all like to pronounce the word 'As' as 'Ass' [As -> Ass]
So, By adding a 's' at the back of 'A', you would probably think of Ass. [A+s = Ass]
I always find it amusing at how people find 'Ass' funny and hilarious. [Ass = Fun]

Lets move the the extreme right of the equation.
Assassin. The word Assassin has the alphabet 'A' as a foundation. Which means that you add 'ssassin' to 'A' in order to make up for the word 'Assassin' [ssassin + A = Assassin]
People may feel fear and tremble when they hear the word assassin. Thats understandable since a professional assassin kill people as their full time job. Their hobby may include feeding cute little bunnies with home made body parts. [Assassin -> fear]
Get me so far?

This may not be the case for a highly perceptive person. Thats cause the word Assassin is the combination of 'ass' 'ass' 'in'. [Assassin = Ass+Ass+In]
Ass Ass In. [Double Ass = Double Fun!] which makes [Ass ass in = Double Fun in ???]
(let your imagination run wild!) These special group of people might find assassin as a very funny word indeed.

My point is, by adding something in something, you can turn it into something totally different. 38 is pronounced as 'san-pat' in Chinese and by a slight distortion in pronunciation, it means 'kepo' which also means 'busybody'. [38 -> sanpat -> kepo = busybody]

But what princess eileen asked for is 3.8 [Notice the decimal point in between the 3 and 8?] 38 may mean kepo, but 3.8 may not mean kepo. In Chinese 'point' is pronounced as 'dim'. [3.8 = 3point8 = 3dim8] And when some people think of dim, they may think of dim sum! [3.8 = 38kia eating dim sum?] No, thats not the case.

3.8 is the abbreviation of 3point8. So, if someone asked about 3.8, he/she is actually asking for 3point8. If you google the word '3point8', it'll generate lots of links. Lets look at the most dominating link, the 1st link. The 1st link shall define the meaning of '3point8'. If you click on the 1st link, it'll bring you to this blog [http://4-4-4-4.blogspot.com]

To conclude, [3.8 = 3point8 = http://4-4-4-4.blogspot.com]
In fact, http://3point8.blogspot.com would do the same too!
[Actually, the true meaning behind 3point8 is mentioned in this post: 3point8 4444 v2]

There you go....Theory of Association.
What is the most bizarre 'association' that you have came across with?
[My friend has this bizarre association of 'RotiBom=BreadofDeath']


Cometh said...

Yeah....38 is Kepo...heh...

Inspired by the Princess E I see... =p

Nux V said...

eh, got other answers for 3.8? i din noe tht :-(

X said...

as long as it is not the lenght of your unit, it is fine :P wukakakakakak

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Interesting point! Well how about 78?? Any special meaning?? According to the foochow 78 sound like cipet! So u will not find 78 as the car plate no! He! He! BTW tq for dropping at my site! Have a nice day!

Princess Eileen said...

Cometh, you agree with me right?

X.... maybe 3.8 is foot long for 3point8. Wukakakakaka....

3point8... Err... Like that how did you originate with 3point8? I shouldnt have read your blog in a Monday morning... not as if my boss haven't give me enough headache. And I tot reading blogs between breaks would be good. *Suffering headache*

My association = your post + my boss = headache. Wukakakakaka... Boleh tak?

The Malaysian Life said...

Does 3.8 inches mean anything ? ;)

Jade Z. said...

wahhh ~ such a longgg explaination for a simple three point eight eh ? hahaha ! but its still a good nickname cuz it's easy to remember !

Cometh said...

Agree.... I agree... =p

And I also agree to the fact that all that explanation gives me headache... =p

Simple English please...hahahaha =p

3POINT8 said...

[Nux V]
Got got!!!

the length of my unit?? Let me measure that tonight.

[hor ny ang moh]
eh?? serious? no 78 in car plate no? I didn't notice that!

[Princess Eileen]
Ahaha, I should promote panadol on my site!

[the malaysian life]
er...I guess so. But this blog is rated 'E' (E for everyone)

Oh cool...Someone commented that its a 'easy to remember' nickname!

I'll try to write in simple english next time. 'Its time to convert myself into an Idiot'

3POINT8 said...

Btw, thank you for commenting! This post has fetched the most comments ever in this blog!

742 said...

When you say "3 dim 8", at first I thought it's "sam dim pat" (3 how to be pat)

What is the most bizarre 'association' that you have came across with?
742 = 废