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19 October 2007

Being Remembered

In Yvonne's recent post of 'Silence in church', KokFye wrote: 'Being remembered. Is that really important?'
And he got a reply in her next post, 'A heart full of love to be remembered'

Reading her reply, KokFye felt as if he just asked a stupid question. (He thought that he may have offended her and as a result, that poor chap is feeling all guilty) So, to redeem his stupid mistake, KokFye stayed up the whole night thinking of the same question that I asked Yvonne.

Being remembered. Is it really that important?
Yvonne says that its important to her. Well, that is understandable because if you are a normal sane person, you would think the same as her. Its only surprising if someone said 'No. It doesn't matter to me cause I'm am one sad lonely kid anyway'

Yvonne also mentioned that 'remembrance of someone is a sign of LOVE'. When I first read it, I thought 'This is so true'. Why hadn't I realize this before? Oh well, guess I should go and dream more about Princess Eileen. =D

But seriously, if being remembered is that important, how come we have disorder such as Prosopagnosia (face blindness), and problems with remembering names. We humans have been around for more than 2000years and if it is really that important, shouldn't our brains evolve to a stage where we can remember a person for life?

You know, there are times when I bump into an old friend, I can't help it but take out my phone, scroll through my contact list just to recall that fella's name. I don't blame it on bad memory. I blame my attitude for not knowing how to be a true friend.

Question Time:
Is being remembered that important to you?
And how much effort would you put in remembering your people whom you've encountered?


Princess Eileen said...

I love this question.

Okay for me... It is not important to be remembered, but if I am remembered by others, I hope it is positive. If people remembered me, I hope they will remember a happy gal which bring some positive impact to their life and unconsciously bring a smile to their face.

Cometh said...

Do something to get into the history books...Then you will be remembered.


X said...

do something legendary, they will make a stone that looks like you :P

it depends on how i am remembered , i definately dun want to be remembered as a sexually pervert like the guy who is running lose in the street of Thailand...:P

Nux V said...

yeapz, same to me...i guess most ppl wants to be remembered for positive things...
nobody will like to hear someting like "hey, tis is the guy (refering to u) tht fell into the drain etc (wutsoever embarrasing)..." rite? rite??

i dun put much effort in remembering ppl, coz i can remember them very well ;P
But it's quite upset when they can't remember me :-(

3POINT8 said...

[Princess Eileen]
I know you as a Happy girl, and you sure did made me smile a couple of times. :) [I guess I'll always remember you that way!]

Maybe I should rule the whole world. World Domination, here I come!

So, Thailand is big no-no for you eh? Er...what about sexually pervert who runs back and forth from M'sia to s'pore?

[Nux V]
WoW, I envy you people who easily can remember people around you. Yaya! Most people want to be remembered for positive things! but I wouldn't mind people remember me for the wrong thing either..hehe.

X said...

the pervert kena tangkap liao ....he was in a lot of child porn and wanted by the interpol...wukakakakkaa

宝茹 said...

I am sometimes bad at remembering names...guilty o~~~~~

But I can remember the faces, the things they did, etc.

I guess I would feel bad if people forgot me, so I really try to remember the names of the people I met. I think it makes people feel more special that way. :)

3POINT8 said...

Wow...I never knew that they have internet connection in prison. And they allowed you blog there??? This doesn't make sense..Did u make a deal with them or something like that? Er...let me guess, u agreed to run around the prison naked?? Wukaka

Oh? It makes people feel more special that way? Serious? Then I should really try to remember people's name. Got any easy tips on how you do it?

宝茹 said...

Well, I think so. If someone remembers your name, you would feel special too, right?

Or maybe it is only me, hehehehe...

You can try associating their faces and names using words, shapes, whatever.

Another tip is you repeat their names out loud once they told you their name.