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13 October 2007

1st Malaysian blast off to space

I heard that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is now in space drinking teh tarik and eating roti canai with his new bunch of hang-out space-buddies. I'm wondering if Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is gonna celebrate Hari Raya Celebration in space. Like giving out green packets of duit raya to his space buddies, float around the space shuttle eating ketupat and rendang and play fire-crackers in the space shuttle. While Malaysians are trying to source for fireworks that flies above the sky, this guy is actually in a space shuttle on a journey to the unknown! That is so cool!!! [By the way, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is the 1st Malaysian to venture to space on 10th October 2007]

This must be the nest best achievement since the creation of ipod.
Speaking of IPOD.... I got this from somewhere in the net.
"Selepas mengumumkan rakyat Malaysia pertama menembusi angkasa lepas, Perdana Menteri kita telah dihadiahkan sebuah Apple IPOD..."
[Translation] After announcing the first malaysian to venture out to space, our Prime Minister was given an IPOD!

WoW!!! Free Ipod! Makes me want to be a Prime Minister too!
*While performing Jedi mind Trick hand movement* You will vote for 3POINT8! You will give 3POINT8 an IPOD and you will send him to space!


X said...

Ooo Bagi la iPhone, but iPOD pun boleh la, i want iPOD touch :P

Nux V said...

i rather to be sent off to space!
i dunwan IPOD! i want to be the next astronaut!

宝茹 said...


Princess Eileen said...

I just had my teh tarik, roti canai, aircond on and watching all the astronaut story.... Slept, another day... What happen again ar??? IPOD ar... go buy yourself... faster... make your own dreams come true :P

3POINT8 said...

Ha! IPOD touch! But doing so might indicate bribery. Kenot, cannot give such high class things 1..

[Nux V]
Lets race to see who gets to be the 2nd Malaysian to space..You or me??

Bluek! :P

[Princess Eileen]
Walau!! I want my cup of teh tarik and roti canai too!! My dream is to drink space brewed teh tarik and eat space-flipped roti canai while listening to a special ipod given by the apple guy himself!

Princess Eileen said...

I think better deal is to hv a teh tarik and roti canai with a cute Princess. WUKAKAKAKAKA ROFL LOL LMAO.... but too bad if the princess can't sing :P

3POINT8 said...

[Princess Eileen]
Oooo.... Teh Tarik and Roti Canai with a cute princess!! Sure sure!! I don't mind if she can't sing... The presence of a cure princess is good for me!!

Jonathan Nathan said...

U know, the Jabatan Agama Islam wrote a book on 'how to fast in space' in conjunction with this mission to space. Guess what, by the time they reached the space station, Hari Raya was just like a few hours away... pls tell me the moral of this story...

P.s. next they'll write a book on 'how to f*** in space'... haih...

Cometh said...

All the $$$$$$$$$$$..... bye bye...

They might as well try to fly a kite in space... lol....
( now that is kinda silly....)

3POINT8 said...

[Jonathan Nathan]
Yea, I heard about that too! They are planning to send a 2nd Boleh-naut up to space mar.. Maybe the book is for him!

Yea...Bye bye... With that much money, I can get a few millions of IPOD!
Don't come out with any funny ideas. If not, malaysia is gonna use that excuse to send another Boleh-naut to space. (And there goes another few more millions of IPOD)