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07 April 2007

Pride of TARC

Oh yea...My picture is featured in the the TARC propectus...AGAIN!!!
What can I say??

It's the fate of a prodigy, and a true sign of greatness of a genius!!
Remember my superlong password? That is also another sign of greatness.

TARC Prospectus 2007/08
Isn't the new prospectus a work of art?
The Sun, There's birds, There's Trees! Life isn't all about video games. Get out, have some fun.
Oh yea, did I mention?? TARC is also famous for random ghostly events and ghastly images, especially during the day. They usually hang around under a great tree, posing as if they are studying. But in fact, they are there to scare off trespassers!!

To look for my pic, try looking under this section of the prospectus. 'Continuing Professional Programmes & Services'

Page 206 of TARC prospectus.
From left: Kuan Minn, Kok Fye, Ms.Tarring
Kuan Minn is the other Golden Jubilee Scholar who went to UNSW with me. So yea, there are only 2 Golden Jubilee Scholarship Recipient from TARC in year 2005. Try and guess who is the other recipient. By the way, Ms.Tarring was the one who guide us through the process of getting a scholarship offered by UNSW.
The picture was taken 2 years ago.

This is a clearer picture.
I have no idea why, but they name that particular zone 'Study Abroad Unit'
Isn't it better just to name it 'Golden Jubilee Special Restricted Area'?
Wait, this is even better. The 'Greatness Hall Of Fame'. Restricted area - Only True Sign of Greatness allowed!



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