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22 April 2007

Advertlets Review!

Advertlets.com is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers.

I have decided to put in the 'bling' in my blog from Advertlets.
I have put in 'default survey' in my side tab to find out the what kind of people are actually reding my blog. That is assuming that that readers of my blog actually fill in the survey. Well, I certainly hope that you would! That is because the poll is designed to figure out the kind of group that visits my blog and Advertlets will come out with the perfect advertisement to put in my blog as I earn some money to support my uni days. Oh wait, its not so much about the money, Its more about the publicity. I advertise my blog, Companies advertise in my blog, and together we make ourselves being known to the whole world. Guess what I'm gonna say next!!!
Those who know me well, would think of "World Domination!". Well, even "Revolution" is close enough. Man, I'm such a great psychic. I often amaze myself on how well I read minds.

Enough of World Domination.
Why have I decided to put in ads in the blog?
Well, I just thought that I should try something new.

Imagine this.
Being a Student, you would have to travel to the school/college/university almost everyweek. It'll be good if you are enjoy walking to the Uni. [Lets take Uni as an example since I'm a uni student]. It'll be even better if someone pays you to walk to uni.

My blog was clean before this...Why advertisement??
Guess there is a first time for everything. It's more like a spur of the moment. I just felt like it! It's like how I felt like having my meal in McD today! No, not KFC, no BurgerKing, not even Dominos. It has to be McD today! Something like that.

But why Advertlets?? Why not GoogleAds or Nuffnang or anything else??
Lucky for Adverlets, ms.Cookie wrote good comments about Advertlets.
Plus, Yvonne Foong is being featured in Advertlets. Yvonne is one respectable blogger who instilled hope in the hearts of many bloggers through real life example. Not to mention she graduated from SMKSJ, my old secondary school back in malaysia. And since ms.polaris is so hyped up about supporting Yvonne, maybe I should help ms.polaris a lil bit as well as Yvonne.

Man, writting so much good thing about something is sure hard to do!!!
Actually I'm trying to participate in the RM15,000 for 300 Bloggers program by Advertlets. I've sent them a mail, and I sure hope that they reply me in an informal manner.