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25 April 2007


Imagine someone squatting on the streets asking for money.
You see a person asking, would you give him money?
Then you see him in some dirty worn out clothing, would you consider giving him money?
Then you noticed that he is a disabled person, would you consider giving it away now?
Then for some unknow reason, you feel that an unknown entity is now controlling your emotion causing to feel all sympathetic, would you give it all away??
All of the sudden, your awareness heightens and you noticed that someone, no wait, a lot of ppl around are looking at you and you have feeling that they are expecting you to donate to this poor guy, would you still do it??
Then you realised that you couldn't find any good reason to donate, unsure whether the money would go feed his crave for drugs but still feeling sympathetic. Would you still donate??

Oh well, playing with the conscious mind of a person is fun!!!
Congrats!! You are indeed a very patient person to be be reading this line!!!

Lets look at the extreme opposite end.
A person came out to you in a nice suit, well groomed, begins to tell you that he took a day off just to collect donations for a greater cause.
Would you donate??
The organisation that he explained seemed real and genuine. Would you still donate??
Not to mentioned that you are so convinced that the cause is for real, and the way how they manage donations is satisfactory...
Would you still donate??
Then a flashback occured and you remembered a week ago, listening to the news saying that this organisation is for real and doing the community some good...
Would you still donate??
Then an angel pop up next to your shoulder gently tap into your emotion causing you wanting to donate??
Would you still donate?? (Of course you would, After all I did mentioned that you wanted to!)
As you take up a large note of $500 out wanting to give it to him...
Would you give it now??
Now you really feel like you are doing the community some good knowing that the $500 would all go to chartity. Well, even if its 80% of the $500, its all good. After all, anyone would understand that there are some percentage of the money disapearing from the funds mysteriously.
Would you give it to him now??
For once in your life, you felt good giving away stuff to the people who deserve it.
Would you still have doubts??

Then just before you give the money to him, he mentioned that you are a generous person, making you the happiest person in town. And a second later, he mentioned that "Unlike some cheapskate people who donated half a cent to me!" and he goes on complaining how difficult it is to register the amount $0.005, and not to mention he had to give them a receipt of $0.005.
What would you do now?? Listen to him as he complains??

He continued saying that you are a generous person, loudly declaring to everybody that anything lower than $499.995 anyone donated is a cheapskate person!
Then you felt a massive hurricane in your mind. An instant change of decision. You would have gladly donated that $500 if he did not mention the word 'cheapskate'
Assuming that you were taught to respect every single little contribution by anyone, no matter how small it is. Wouldn't you be insulted that he just assumed your generousity as 'just above' the 'cheapskate' status???
And now, the question is:
Would you give the $500 that you are holding in your hand?
Or would you tell him that u mistook a 'monopoly paper money' for a real currency note??
Or are you planning on doing something else not to be known by the public??

Double congrats!!!!
You are truly a patient person.
The fact that you are reading this line would proves my compliment to you!