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20 April 2007

Share Market

Finally, I get to taste what it feels like to be playing share market.
I have been intrigued by how a person is able earn thousand and thousand of bucks by just sitting in front of the computer, picks up a newpaper, look at the business section, read some company profile, pops in $1,000,000 in a share and wait for money to come in.

I have always wanted to learn how share market works. I mean the 'job' sounds prestigious and people get to earn big bucks form share market. Those are more like minor bonus. What I really want to do is find a loophole somewhere, break the balance, topple the share market, fry it a lil bit, build up a few companies, and make a name for myself in the world! Hey, Publicity is extremely important if you are planning to take over the world. Wanna join my group of "Team Domination"??
The problem is that I couldn't find anyone who have the knowledge and who is willing to teach. Plus, I don't have the 'resources' to test out who the real market works. I wouldn't want to play a game which I'm not familiar with. After all, I wouldn't want to participate in a losing battle.

Lucky for me, a friend of mine introduced TradingPlaces, a JPmorgan Portfolio Competition.
I guess this can be considered as a virtual share market where players get to play with virtual money.
Each player starts with a portfolio worth of $200,000. Players can invest their virtual money in any share market they desire. The fascinating thing about this game is that it uses the current market, meaning the share market price is the current price. The best thing about this game is that it's risk-free!!!!

Well, the game is entering day 5 of a 8-week period. I have been earning big bucks in the first 3days, securing a ranking of 14 out of 3281 players. In the fourth day, market crashes and I've been making huge losses. I was kicked out by the big players from the rank of 16 to 1395 in just 2 days.

I'm beginning to learn how the share market works.
This game has the potential to be my new found hobby. If that happens, I can gladly declare that my current hobby has been changed from 'kap lui' to 'monitoring share market'.
Oh, and stickers too...


KeNnetH | kH[a]w said...

"company profile, pops in $1,000,000 in a share"

haha, if there is ONE share worth $1000000, the company must be super well valued.

anyway, why don't you play the real thing dude? just get a commonwealth commsec account (assuming you are with commonwealth bank). Its the same thing but with real money. AND if you know how to use netbank, its just the same. BEST part is that its FREE! ;)

3POINT8 said...

I do have a commonwealth back acc. Its just that I haven't explore the commsec yet.
I'll probably do it in the holidays, or whenever I'm free..
When the time comes, I'll be bothering Kenneth Khaw then, pestering you teach me to master the ways of commsec..