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27 April 2007


I regard myself as a man of the future.
I do not live in the present and I seldom indulge in the past, at least not at the moment.
I'm always thinking of next 1sec, the next day, the coming week, and things to be done.

Always thinking about the future, is kind of worrying.
I'm always concerned of the concequences if I am not able to perform when the time of judgement comes. Currently, I'm always worrying that I do not have enough time and the knowledge required to finish off my assignments and thesis.

Worry = Stress...
Whenever I worry about something, I tend to stress up...
Sometimes I'll be doing 1 particular assignment, and I'll be worry about the other 100 assignments that I have to complete before tomorrow. And by the I realise it, I'm actually doing 101 assignments at the same time, shifting task every second.
Well, I am able to do that coz I'm a genius!!! But the thing is, it's stressful!!!
I tried focusing on 1 assigment, but I end up worrying about the 100 other assignments.

Have u guys ever been in that stressful situation??
Question is: What do you do to make yourself feel a lil better??

Willing to help a stressful friend in need of fresh ideas??
Willing to give free advice to me??


liz q said...

it happens to most of students *i mean, good students.. i mean.. responsible students.. i mean.. a students that knowing his/her role at this stage of life.. i mean.. u know what i mean*.

So if you are in that period, don't worry i can assure you that it's normal! i can assure u that u'll go through it.. just remember, "be faithful in every little thing that you do.. and the biggest task will be easier for u"

me... when i'm stressed like i feel i could not do it anymore, i seek my God, i pray, i cry, I eat, i find my 'positive' friends, and i try my best to put my effort on the tasks. The rest, leave it up to Him. Cheers~

3POINT8 said...

Positive friends...
yea, I wish i can do that...
I always have the perception that if i call someone, i'll be bothering them.It's like taking up their precious time..
That is probably why i don't call people..

Hopefully I'll be able to that do that soon...

3POINT8 said...

Thanks liz!!!