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29 January 2007

Passion and Drive

How would the world be different if people began to follow their dreams?
Reality is what you make of the world. I believe a person can create his or her own reality without having to give up their dream and strive to be what they choose to be in the world. A person can be whatever they may wish; the only question is "does the person have the passion and drive to pursue his or her dream?" Questions like these are always asked but never answered, I think that life is full of turns and road block but it is how we live our life that determines whether we have fulfilled our dreams. In a person's life, a goal is nothing more than something to reach and obtain; however, what happens after that goal is reached. Then some can say that the purpose of our life has been lived and there shall be no more life to live.
---- James K
Passion and Drive....



TheMalaysianLife said...

It is an ideal for a person to follow his dreams. But in Malaysia, typically Asian...being practical is a paramount virtue. I have an article posted on my blog - Steve Jobs speech to students. Btw, thanks for visiting by blog. I update often so hope to see your profile there again. Cheers.