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24 January 2007

Being alone

At least the person who sent this postcard isn't alone. Isn't it ironic how I wish to be alone for most of the time yet at the same time trying to get attention, always trying to find out anyone who secretly admires the loner.

There are people in this world destined to never have friends or family, never to love or be loved; to always be alone. I am one of those people.
- Striding Cloud, Stormriders
I used to like how I could relate to the quote above. I used to admire strong silent type of person and always aspire to become one. Just like those 1-man show type of person as potrait in Hollywood movies. Legendary heroes, Assassins, Persuasive silent leaders, even Spiderman and Superman (er, x-men excluded in this post!). Just like those who are skilled in everything and is able to do everything alone. All of them share some common trait, they live a lonely lifestyle yet they are so capable of everything.
I have a very strong feeling that this admiration of mine had been turning me into a shy quiet type of person. Now, I wish to break out from this type of thinking. I'm now less likely to intend to be a silent hero now. I wish to have more lively friends now. To be able to socialise freely without any fear of rejection.

I am slowly chaging my way of thinking.
Is there a faster way to become the influencial and persuasive Prince.Charming??