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12 February 2007

End of training

Last saturday was my last day of my industrial training as I was attached to the prestiged Project HAT95 with the ultimate aim to build a military hospital.

That last day was the day I've been waiting for since the 1st day of my training. Glad to say that it is also the best day compared to the rest of my training days. That day was the day when I truly felt appreciated and I guess all my work before this wasn't left un-noticed as I thought it would be.

Come to think about it, I was fortunate enough to be placed in the all dangerous life threathening construction project working with tough people.
Hey, it is a construction site project after all, so there was a certain level of risk. I was nearly killed by a brick thrown from 4 stories above back then... That brick was only a shoulder-lenght away from my head when it came down with the speed of an asteroid. If I would have walked normally as I would have, the brick would have bypass the defence of my helmet to place me in ICU in another hospital setting a timer to leave for the heavenly world. Well, fortunately I slowed down my pace to an almost halt speed as I was thinking about Valentine's day. And because I slowed down, I avoided death. So, I can be said that valentine's day actually prevented my death.
[Hehe, I did exaggerate a bit...but hey, it was all to illustrate how dangerous my work is.. ]

There, I did not learn much about technical knowledge about engineering, but rather more on ways on how to interact with people which I think is a more useful skill than any engineering knowledge.

Most may ask what did I gain from there??
Most would ask what is the most useful experience that I did obtain from my training period?
And I would say that 1st IMPRESSION is very very improtant.

I kinda experimented with a power-position person. I was acting all caring and a 100% efficient trainee for the 1st 4 days just to develop a really really good impression on that PowerPerson. And for the subsequent 56 working days, I start to slack gradually performing like a really dumb fella incapable of accomplishing anything. The fascinating thing about the subsequent 57days is that the PowerPerson still perceived me as the same person I am on our 1st encounter.
PowerPerson conjures excuses such as 'This trainee must have a tough day' or 'This trainee must have not enough sleep' or 'this trainee is probably sick or something like that' just to justify my slacking attitude during those 56days. In PowerPerson's mind, I'm still the most efficient person working for Project HAT95 even though I was not... And even at the last day of my training, PowerPerson still perceives me a the most efficient person in that project. [hmm... come to think about it....Maybe....just maybe, i'm just the most efficient person there even when I'm slacking a lot.. Dang! I'm good!!]
Yup, 1st impression is very important..... And this was the most valuable skill I manage to pick up during my training days...

My industrial training days are all over, Chinese New Year will be around in the next 6 days. And now, it's time for me to enjoy my break....

Enjoy ur day folks!!!