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10 January 2007

Riches in Me

Riches in Me
Guilty Gear Isuka
Everyone seems to like the idea of having riches beyond what they currently have now. No one seem to willingly reject excess money.

When people say that: "I wish to be richer. I want to have money beyond everyone else"... Is that what they truly meant?? Is riches and money the final goal of everyone's fantasy??
Somehow somehow, I don't think this is the case... I once heard someone said that riches is only the beggining of human's fantasy.

I mean, what is the motivation behind obtaining more riches??
To live comfortably for a really long time??
To create an image to achieve higher social status??
To buy more control in terms of personal power??
Or am I missing something else??

I believe the real motivator is personal power and social status.
To be regarded as a higher being as compared to anyone else...
To be seemed as a more successful as anyone else...
To have someone to look up to the better person...

And to live comfortably??
I don't know... Perhaps no one can be sure if you can live comfortably once you have obtained enough riches. But one thing for sure, Power and Status will be around once you have money more than anyone could have.

Power, Fame and Fortune...
I seem to have miss something out...
Love, perhaps.... I wonder how love fits in the big puzzle of riches...