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08 January 2007

[Flashback] Kif's Top 10 song list

2006 was over a couple of days ago, and 2007 is NOW!

Well then, perhaps it's time to review the good old times as I start to comtemplate on comparing the good old days with the recent times...
I've just format my laptop, one of my ways to welcome the big 2007!!! A fresh new start for me and my loyal laptop companion.
Before the format job, I thought of something. Hey, why not make a list of my top 10 favourite songs and blog it?
So, there you go, my top 10 list!!

1) Rainie - 只想爱你
[Playcount 268] [Playlength 4:31]
A chinese Love Song. It's about loving that someone special till the end, even if that love is not returned by the other side.. Whenever I'm tuned to this song, its as though as I feel the determination as emitted by the singer..

2) Angela - 我的最爱
[Playcount 218] [Playlength 4:22]
Another chinese Love Song. The story behind this song is kinda similiar to the 1st song, just that this is a more depressing version...

3) Michelle Branch - Til' I Get Over You
[Playcount 210] [Playlength 4:10]
Now, this is more of a breakup song. Its about forgetting that special someone and how tormening and suffering it is to forget that special bond...

4) Angela - 快乐崇拜
[Playcount 189] [Playlength 3:24]
Finally, a Happy Song! Its about throwing down all your worries and be HAPPY!! Do what you can do, accomplish what you can today, and make time for tomorrow to a lil bit of Fun Time..

5) [Gitarooman] Coil&Koei - Legendary theme
[Playcount 183] [Playlength 3:21]
I feel very relieved whenever I'm listening to this music. There are no lyrics, but I somehow somehow I have a very strong association with this song and the feeling of relief. Its as though I've done something that I could be proud of...

6) [FF8] Nobuo Uematsu - Juline
[Playcount 179] [Playlength 1:23]
The famous theme song from Final Fantasy 8 by the godfather of all anime theme songs, Nobuo Uematsu. Slow, soothing and short. Good for sleep hynotism. Just the perfect song to battle against sleepless nights..

7) [Chrono Symphonic] Lunarheart - Darkness Dueling
[Playcount 176] [Playlength 2:10]
A warsong piece. This theme song makes me feel a lil bit more productive and motivated. No wait, the feeling is probably magnified by a factor of 2. Whenever exam is near, this song is bound to be heard in my room...

8) [MGS3] William Harry Gregson & NorihikoHibino - Ocelot Youth
[Playcount 168] [Playlength 3:12]
A song of greatness. This song is the theme song potraiting Ocelot, a character in the famous game "Metal Gear Solid 3". The young great cocky chap who has lots of potential to grow. I like how he potrait his signature move!!!

9) [GITS] Yoko Kanno & Ilaria Graziano - I do
[Playcount 164] [Playlength 4:52]
The song from the anime "Ghost in The Shell: Standalone Complex" episode 11 - Grass Labyrinth. A very touching episode about a plane crash killing everyone except for this 2 kids sitting next to each other. The boy paralyse save for his right arm and a girl in coma. So then, the boy folds paper crane wishing for the girl to wake up. [Legend has it that a wish will come true if a a thousand origami paper cranes are made]

10) Sum41 - Pieces
[Playcount 154] [Playlength 3:02]
A song of self-worth. "I tried to be perfect, it just wasn't worth it. I am trying to let you know, I'm better off on my own."

Hmmm, I wonder if its true that the music that we listen to is a mirror to our soul...