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13 January 2007

Lucid Dreaming

Dreams, we all do...
Now now, I'm not talking about goals, I'm not talking about ambition. I'm talking about the type of dream people experience in their sleep.

Some say that dreams is a means where our thoughts get organized just as how a computer is under defragmentation.
Some say that dreams is how the subconscious mind express its true desires.
Some say that dreams are a way of communicating with spirits, ghosts and unknown entities.

The fascinating about dreams is that, we get to feel that virtual world that only exist in out mind. As far as imagination goes, anything can happen in a dream depending on how creative someone is. The sweetest moment, that crippling fear, the warmth of another human, the highly anticipated future, or the imaginative fantasy world...Any experience is possible with dreams. Our perception, our senses may be as real as reality in a dream. Surreal...

However in a typical normal dream, the dreamer is just a spectator of their own dreams. All they could do is just follow the flow of their own dream and be a witness of their own experience. Most wouldn't even notice that they are dreaming until its over. And some just aren't fortunate enough to remember the contents of their dreams...

But what if someone is 'dreaming while knowing that they are dreaming'?
That my friend, is known as Lucid Dreaming.
Lucid Dreaming is the conscious perception of one's state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer experience and sometimes enabling direct control over the content of the dream. In other words, you get to control what you dream, what's in it, who's in it and etc..
Perhaps then, programming your own subconsicous mind may be easier with routine dreaming than anything else. 'If you think you are, you are'

Thinking about the benefits of experiencing something virtual that is as real as reality, thinking about the endless posibilities of scenarios that can be experienced......makes me want to know more about 'Lucid Dreaming'