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27 January 2007

At the end of the day

48 working days have passsed since I started my Industrial Traning in a Construction site.
Every morning I loathe going to work, wishing I could sleep for a while more. I walk sloppily to the worksite everytime I leave the house. And whenever possible, I always take my own sweet time walking to the site, not wanting to arrive there any early as I could have. Don't get me wrong, I'm always punctual though, in fact too punctual so much so that I always arrive 1min before I'm late!

And throughout the whole morning, my mind will be mainly focused on lunch time. There is a lot for me to every morning, and I always try my best to do the best I could. However, lunch time is still the time I'm looking forward to. [You see, I can't just sit slack around do nothing. Even though my pay as a trainee is extremely low, but I believe that this is the perfect period to build up my reputation among my collegues. I want them all to have the impression that I'm the potential hardworking individual working with the highest integrity even with little pay and benefits. I had to act this way, coz I'm expecting them to be my potential business partner in the future!]

In the afternoon after lunch time, I'll most probably have to attend a meeting. This is the time when stress is the VIP guest inside my head! Small problems pop up from nowhere, big issues arrise, and sub-contractors like us will be shot, fired, fried and tormented! After the meeting, I'll most probably have to go and inspect the workers' work!

Throughout the whole working day, me and my collegues have to deal with difficult people whole day long. There are arguments constantly happening around in the site office. People passing the ball of blame all over the place, complaining this and that, always delaying the action of solutions. That's why in front of power people (eg: Main contractor, Clerk of Work, Coordinator, Architect) subbies like us tend to focus our eyeballs somewhere else as though we were looking through thin air. Not wanting to admit their presence there is one of the best ways to aviod any confrontation.

Whenever I ask people "how is your day?" during working hours, most of them probably give a slight smirk looking sideways with the head facing down, sighing softly with that heavy breath. The main-contractors, Clerk of Work, managers, Sub-contractors, workers all seemed pretty stressed whole day long everyday.

But you know what?
Towards the last minute of working hours, people tend to relax abit knowing they survived another 1 tough day at the jobsite. And at the end of the day, some of them do smile with that big grin on their face. It's just assuring to see people still have the humour to fool around, joke around like little kids. Well, I guess at least there are still people who have that philosophy of "At the end of the day, we are still friends!" Within me, there is always this relieved feeling hanging around everytime I walk back home from work, which makes me wanna look forward towards the next day end-working-day.
Sadly, I know the next work-day morning will be a whole different feeling.