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14 May 2008

4444 - A million dollar number

Written in an article in New Straits Times, dated Tuesday May 13, 2008:
[New Straits Times is a newspaper agency in Malaysia]

---- A woman splashed out HK$1 million (RM413,000) for a car license plate carrying the number "4444", despite its traditional links to death in Chinese culture, a report said yesterday.
---- The bidder paid the price in a government auction of 270 unusual vehicle license plates on Sunday, the Chinese-language Apple Daily said.
---- The number four is often avoided by Cantonese people because its pronunciation is similiar to the word for "dead".
---- Some skyscrapers do not include floors that end with the number, such as 14th or fourth, as they are less likely to be rented.
---- However, car license experts said that the number four was considered lucky for people originating from Chaozhou province of Guangdong, because it sounds like the word for "water" in their dialect.
---- Water is seen as a symbol for money in the traditional Chinese feng shui energy system.
The woman declined to talk to reporters after the auction
-> AFP

If you notice my blog url, I'm a big fan of the number four:
4) My blog is listed as number 444 in the Million Blog List. [Thanks to BeautifulAndHappy.com] (still waiting for the number 4444 to open up)
4) The fourth post posted in this blog is all about the no.4.
4) Most the tags I've done in the past revolves around the number four. [eg: Tag - Facts and Mistakes and What if I had 1 million dollars?]
4) Four Forever!

PS: This is the conclusion I came up from the newspaper article:
Luck = Money. Chinese rather be rich than to avoid death.

Suppose an evil genie comes up to you, tells you that its your lucky day! He then makes it clear that he is gonna present you with 2 offer and you must choose one of them.
(Choosing none, or choosing both, or coming up with a third option of your own is gonna force the genie to strip you naked, cast you down to hell before making sure that you are not fireproof)
He offers you with 2 choices:
1) Grant you riches beyond all wealth anyone possess.
2) Grant you a peaceful death and send you to heaven.
Which one would it be?


waterlily said...

i choose option 2!

Teddy said...

if u go sungai wang, those hotlink number wif 4444 is selling at RM120 even though the legal price is RM20

zhengdhong said...

option 2 of course =)

Cometh said...

Well, definitely no 1.

Then I am rich and powerful..

Can help out the sufferings in the world.

In the end... get peaceful death and goes to heaven also..

So, definitely no.1


Marc said...

Wow Kif, it is such a BIG coincidence man that we actually posted about the same news on our blog, on the same freaking day! Haha. Great minds think alike!

Hwei Cheng said...

i am just wondering...what if the heaven that the whole world is talking about, is actually nothing wonderful at all...or, it might be the second hell, or...it might not even exist....it is just like a fantasy land everyone fantasize, and hope to end up in..but then nobody actually been there...

just a thought..... =)

Nikkiko said...

ai yoh! choosing 1 would be frivolous, i don't wanna die so soon by choosing 2 either -___-

enigma said...

I choose option 1, dunno how heaven would be, perhaps plain and simple..boring.
But riches would be interesting..:)

amei79 said...

no 4 is cool...people said that better not to buy any house or properties with no 4, perhaps not because of they belief in fengsui & luck, they just worry such properties will hard to be sold out in future.

i choose option 1, with that money i will do as lot as charity works as i can, with the hope one day i'll be send to heaven...haha

SilverIsle said...

Hmm... 2 for me! Don't want to endure all the attention from everyone if I choose 1. =)

And yepz. 4 is a nice number! Never feel pantang about it too. Hehe.

宝茹 said...

I always think that happiness and health is better. :)

Money can not buy those. :P

3POINT8 said...

Hey waterlily! Good to see you here again. Option2 is a good choice!

I'll take the number. Even better if its 012-4444444

Another wise choice!

Frankly, I'll go for option1 too. Hehe.. Going to heaven will forfeit my chances at being rich. But going for riches doesn't forfeit my chance of going to heaven

3POINT8 said...

Yea man! Great mind thinks alike!

[Hwei Cheng]
True. Nobody I know has been there before (this excludes all my weed taker friends)
Probably thats why I'll go for option1.

I understand. It's a pretty hard choice considering both options are good.

3POINT8 said...

Yea man! Riches would be interesting. I like the feeling of spending without thinking about the cost.

Yes. Great minds think alike. So, have you done a good deed today?

Cool. Another person I know who isn't pantang to the number 4.

Oh, ok. But the lack of money definitely prevent someone form achieving both health and happiness.

Ping Ping said...

I choose 1. You know why? Cause got money I sure want la. How I know I sure won't die peacefully? What if I memang ditakdirkan die peacefully? Like that damn wasted leh the money. =P Take risk a bit la. =P

Jez said...

money cannot buy everything.
we can be happy without money.
but we(and others too) can be happier with lots of money! lol