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07 May 2008

See you in court, GOD!

Attorney: This Myasthenia Gravis, does it affect your memory at all?
Witness: Yes.
Attorney: And in what ways does it affect your memory?
Witness: I forget things.
Attorney: You forget things? Can you give us an example of something you've forgotten?

I had a chat with a friend earlier on the recent massive court case happening in Malaysia involving a blogger. Somewhere between the conversation we talked about court cases and funny legal issues. He added that people staying residing in US all their life and never been involved in any court case are considered as a VERY successful person.

Not sure how true is this, but i heard people saying that people can sue for about anything in the states. For instance:
1) Wife and Mother suing child for a piece of defamatory artwork. [The Eminem court case]
2) Lady suing MacDonald's coffee for causing 3rd degree burn to her 'sensitive area' [Link]

The sky is the limit.They say that anyone can sue against anyone and anything. Family member, Best friends, intangible stuff (intellectual property), ideas, environment, goverment and the list goes on. All you need to do is get good lawyer and you can turn the courthouse upside down. I wonder if anyone tried to sue religious teaching, god, angels, devils, heaven, hell and Chuck Norris. Apparently there are such cases in the past:

Oh God, this Lawsuit is Legally Insane. [9nov2007] [link]
----A Kansas City man has sued God. Recently, Greg Rollins, 50 and unemployed, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri alleging God was negligent in designing Rollins and his brother (both of whom allegedly suffer with schizophrenia) and his handling of the world. Rollins is demanding $1 trillion.
----"I don't believe there is a god," Rollins said. "But if there is a god, I want him to come and defend himself. I want him to pay for my condition, my brother's condition, all the crippled people and all the people dying in this war that he could stop."
----Judge Gary Fenner quickly dismissed Rollins' pro se suit. "For obvious reasons," wrote Judge Fenner. Rollins countered that perhaps the court was scared to move forward with a lawsuit against God.
----This was the first time God has been sued in Missouri, but it is the second such lawsuit from the Midwest in as many months. Last month, Nebraska State Legislator Ernie Chambers filed suit against the Almighty for what he claimed were allegations of making terrorist threats and inspiring fear.

Let just say by some magical power, a genie grant you the ability to sue anything you want with 98% success rate, what you sue against?


joshuaongys said...

hmmm this is tough... never thought of suing anyone before in my life.. ><

Sharoning Q. said...

yeah it's true in d' US, it's SUE SUE SUE; they even sue ppl over 4 d slightest matter unlike s'pore where court case is draggy + $$$.

If a genie grant me d' ability, then I would sue all men who are not gentlemanly & romantic to women. Hahaha. Then, it'll be a charming world full of love! >_~

Teddy said...

wahhh... so serious ah? sue god?

pinksterz said...

haha i want to sue against kif the 3point8 guy!!!

for writing deep posts which (strictly sometimes) drives my head and brain up the wall.

Nikkiko said...

wah diao eh, that case against God even managed to GET into the court?!



what shall i sue...

*tempted to say: "sue bush for kpkbing about north korea's nuclear what nots when the us was full of nuclear what nots anyways"*

... nah, sueing's a waste of time.


- c H i E n - said...

Ah, these people are still as creative as ever and even bring their creativity to the court by sueing God.

littlepolaris said...

I wan to sue you!

1) For wrong spelling. It's Myasthenia Gravis.
2) MG is an autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness and brain is not affected so no memory impairment.

Pls do ur homework b4 posting la.

Enigma said...

I would sue my boss who gives me so much work, so less time to blog(and also less salary :P)

TheGirlNextDoor said...

Sue the genie!! Why only 98%???

-popjammerz- said...

I wanna sue.....
i dunno....

i know!!!!

I wanna sue ppl who simply sue other ppl!!

宝茹 said...

Maybe if we can settle it off court--that would be better. Suing takes so much effort and time and MONEY. :P Unless of course you're sure you're going to win. :P

Nux V said...

sueing season is ON! wuahaha...nowadays i see (in the news) of this politician being sued by another...summore involving royals...
sueing is commonly seen in the west, but we are fast catching up!

Genevieve said...

Can a genie grant me an ability to murder without getting physical at all instead?

fie the elf said...

ill sue mcdonalds and burger king and kfc for making me fat =D

gary ooi said...

hmm..in western countries..ppl sue tobacco companies, mcd n etc..it's funny that no one force them to eat or smoke it..they did it willingly and when they r in deep trouble, they sue the companies..the world is going to end! lol..

3POINT8 said...

Oh. Sounds like you don't have much hatred in you.

[Sharoning Q]
Aiks! I don't want to get sued by you. How can I be more romantic and gentleman?

Yup. That serious. Lots of 'wonderful' living with us in this planet eh?

Ok! See you in court. But before that, I'll make sure to write more deep stuff so that your brain will explode even before you get to setp into the court

3POINT8 said...

So er...Are you still gonna sue bush? Or is it just a waste of time?

Yes. We need more creative people here in this world. I'll get bored pretty fast if not for these ppl.

It does indirectly cause memory impairment yes?
Coz I've seen able people with no sickness and with poor memory.

Haha! Can i be your boss? I'll give you less work and more pay!

3POINT8 said...

Good point. Yea, I think I want to sue the genie too! SHould be 101% rite?

Oh...ok. We'll see court cases doubling in this world then.

Hmmm.... Makes sense. Court cases takes too much time and money. Not worth the effort

[Nux V]
Yup yup. Msia Boleh!

3POINT8 said...

I guess so. Isn't a genie all powerful and great? I'm sure a genie can do that.

[fie the elf]
LOL! ANd I'm gonna sue subway for making me thin!

[gary ooi]
Ya! I don't get all this court cases. People sueing someone for a mistake they have done.
I guess the safest way is put warning labels everywhere

ChoonSeong said...

If we can sue god, then the court will be very busy with those cases cuz there are too ,many people dissatisfied with Him...haha...am i right?

Nikkiko said...

thought of it, not going to do it.

i don't want to be jailed in a private US jail eating hamburgers for the rest of my life.

ai seh. waste of time waste of time. imagine though...


putting in the url too, woo, that'd be nice traffic.

alvincheng said...

Cool. Do take a visit to my blog when youre free. thx

littlepolaris said...

but maybe. Eh correct ur spelling la =P. Memalukan me n pinkster later... tsk tsk.

3POINT8 said...

Yaya. I suppose you are correct.
Wait a minute...I'm sure fanatic members of church will step up and fill as the temperary judge.

Eh? Nikkiko = 15yrs old?
Wow....you sound so mature for your age. I thought you were elder.

Sure...Will do

Eh?? Pinksterz never said anything also...
Btw, engineers are the best! All other profession are below engineers. Ahahaha, 1 reason to memalukan all doctors..

pinksterz said...

little polaris:

you got my name wrong! it is pinksterZ hahahahahaha yayy!