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04 May 2008

Clash between 2 different thoughts

While talking to a stranger in the lecture hall:

......[lets skip to the interesting part]....
K1f: "Yea, I noticed most asians are strong in Memorizing stuff for exams."
Steve: "You racist bastard!"
(Steve gave Kif a Back Spinning Teakwando kick, a Muay Thai Uppercut, a Karate Chop on the neck followed by a Brazillian jujitsu headlock)

3days later, K1f woke up in a hospital paralyzed with a broken body, trying to recall what happened earlier.
He begins to wonder: "What did I say to offend Steve?"
Then he slowly analyzed the flow of conversation and what could have happened.

Steve's Stuff of Thought:
"K1f, thats it! By mentioning Asian, you are looking down on the rest of us, are you? You think you asians are so mighty and high?"
"My ancestor invented the lightbulb! Think before you talk!"
"Do you know how much it hurts when you talk about people who always fail in exam?"
"Have you ever thought of how I feel? You straight A bastard!"

K1f's Stuff of Thought:
"Steve Dude. I mentioned that asians are strong in memorizing stuff. That doesn't mean caucasians, Indians, Malay and Aliens are not strong in memorizing."
"Dude, I didn't even mention about your race or anyone's weakness. I only boast about an Asian's forte in exam."
"Steve, I only mentioned exams, and asians! I didn't even mention anything about failure."
"If I knew that I'd end up in the hospital, I should have dress nicely for the nurses."

Hi, My name is K1f...This is a representation of how I felt 38days ago. Perhaps I should blog about turtles next time. If they choose uppercut me, At least I have a year time to avoid em.
Have you ever encounter this kind of situation whereby someone tried to hurt you for something you said that wasn't intended to harm anyone?
Is there a method to reduce this kind of ill-fated experience?


Cometh said...

You RACIST %%&^(()#@#@#!!!!!


Teddy said...

got so barbaric ppl ah?
nvr met any..
just disagree, quarrel, n walk away..
not exchange of punches...
punching only happen between frens for fun.. hahahaha

LydiaKong said...

yea.. different ppl hav different thoughts.

i'm still learning to live along with it. =) =)

pinksterz said...

hahaha well once i kena before!

and they ended up boycotting me but i don't care. in the end, they admitted they were the wronged one and was being oversensitive :D

p.s. I LIKE TURTLE TOO!!!!1111wanwanwan

Nikkiko said...

you know, your encounters and thoughts would make one hell of an entertaining reality show.

ain't this an example of people thinking too much about something rather innocent said =X

ps: the turtles would just called teh teenage mutant ones, and i don't think that they'll take a year to get to you ^_^


Tekkaus said...

That's why we have this idiom in Malay "Rambut sama-sama, hati lain-lain"! Same hair, diferrent heart? But why some got white hair?

FELEX TAN said...

Asian always number 1 in memorizing fact,we can score full As in PMR and SPM because our memorizing skill is number 1.If our governments change the exam structure to test our creativeness and innovativeness,i might afraid most of us will fail in the exam.

Simon Seow said...

Yes, there is. Keep your mouth shut.

宝茹 said...

Yikes...so barbaric!!! Hahahahaha...

I think people are not that sensitive. I didn't find that statement offending.

I thought your punchline was when the person was in the hospital, and he had trouble remembering why he was there. :P

QuaChee said...

by not talking?

but fact is fact ma.. btw u mention asians (which will include malays/ indians, dll - or do u mean chinese?)

btw, there are a lot of other races who hurt asians but asians never seem to fight back :)

3POINT8 said...

I see a supporter here! Thanks for supporting my cause. Lets pave the world for a single race. You get to choose which race should rule the world. Wanna take a pick?

Yup. Thats why they say that strangers are friends that you will meet eventually. Thats how me and steve became good friends.

Harmony society is what we want yes? Though we may have our own differences, lets try to live together in this tiny world, ya!

I like turtles!

3POINT8 said...

Speaking of reality tv show. When I was a teen, I used to think that the truman show was real and I'm the main actor. Guess Google revealed the truth to me..

Ahahaha. White hair people are aliens. They are spies. They are gonna kill us all black hair people someday. Fortunately most white hair people die fast.

[Felex Tan]
True. Most people will do bad and more people will pass. Thats what I would like to think.

3POINT8 said...

[Simon Seow]
Ain't I lucky to have a blog of my own. That way, I get to keep my mouth shut and still be able to shoot someone.

Thats the point. Sometimes I think I blurt out something which I think isn't offensive, but is offensive to the receiving party. Guess I need to go out and open my eyes more to what is offensive and what is not.
Btw, that was an unpredictable story line, ain't it?

Perhaps they think its not worth fighting back. you know, asians are smart people. They can do cost/benefit analysis without a pen and paper. I guess the cost outweight benefits if they do fight back.

Nikkiko said...

aw, well now google should tell you this space here, is totally yours.

宝茹 said...

Probably it's the way you say it. Maybe you tend to have this expression on your face that'll make people defensive? :P

Hahaha...yeah, unlikely ending. :P

3POINT8 said...

Hey! thats true! Eh, this is a very different perception leh. I've never thought of that way before.
Wow, this is so profound. (my jaws dropped when I read you reply) Thanks for the perspective ya!

So, facial expression is important in a conversation?
oh...ok. Then I guess I should learn how to 'display' the correct facial expression.
Say, katherine, do you know where I can find more info on this?

gary ooi said...

once a while i'll come across such stuff.. i wonder why people get so tensed up by little things..

宝茹 said...

I think you should just be considerate of the other person's feelings when commenting on certain topics. Not that you should over analyze things.

Just don't give out "smug" or know-it-all looks.

Hehehehe...hope that helps.

3POINT8 said...

[Gary Ooi]
I'm trying to figure that out too. Any ideas or personal opinion to why this kind of stuff happens?

Point taken. Should always display a humble face even thought its a fake expression, yes?

宝茹 said...

Huh?! Just show a neutral face then. :P

3POINT8 said...