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11 May 2008

Depressed...But Happiness got in the way

[I like to hear your feedback on this. Feedbacks based on your first impression are more desirable than carefully thought-out argument. That is because feelings are at its purest when logic is out of the picture. If you take too much time contemplating on the quote below, logic sets in, screws up your feeling and as a result may cause you to feel differently as compared to your initial feeling. So what I need you to do is: Read the quote below and note your initial feeling / first impression.]

Take a read of the quote below:
1) I want to try Happiness....But Depression got in the way.
What is your first impression when someone told you this?
A hint of Sadness, Pitiful, loneliness, depression, compassion or something else?

Now, take a read of the quote below:
2) I want to try Depression....But Happiness got in the way.
What is your first impression when someone told you this?
A hint Happiness, joy, arrogance, sarcasm or something else?

Note your feeling before reading the rest of the blog post because the following might convince you to think differently.
Technically, quote1 is an exact opposite of quote2.
If quote1 gave you a hint of sadness, quote2 should give you a hint of happiness.
Think about it... Is that how you feel when you read the quote above?

Somehow, this is NOT how I feel about it.
Quote1 sounds sad because this fella is depressed.
Quote2 sounds sad because this fella wants to be in a state of depression.
So, both quote sounds sad to me.

Then someone told me to think otherwise:
Quote1 sounds happy because this fella wants to be happy.
Quote2 sounds happy because this fella is happy!

What do you think?
[The quote leaves room for multiple interpretation and I'm pretty sure everyone has their own thoughts about it. From these individual interpretation, I'm just curious to whether people are more inclined to think sad thoughts or happy thoughts.]

Btw, I'm not depressed or anything like that. I'm just playing around with words and I'm trying to comprehend the different effect it brings. Indeed, the power of linguistic is a mystery in itself.


Chai Latte said...

1) I want to try Happiness....But Depression got in the way.

quote 1 : If you talking about direct ang mo interpretation - this man probably tried to be happy but he could not get over depression.

quote 2: he is probably to bored regards to his perfect life, he wants to experience some drama.


Most probably, what and how ones interpret depends on the individual perspective in life. If he/she very positive, positive conclusion of coz. vice versa.

Teddy said...

Im inclined to think u r the one sounding sad..coz u came up wif those two statements.. hehehe

so do i get a prize for being right?


Nikkiko said...

*watches the quote walk out*

.___. aw gee.

just feeling sorry in general.

1) well hey just keep trying and you'd defeat depression soon enough ._.

2) omg you sadist! what's wrong with you?! *pokes*

for the feeling before, i'd have relatively equal amounts of ups and downs, so do i call myself neutral or unstable o.0

Anonymous said...

You're a cynic.

I believe that the end justifies the means.
In quote 1, the bugger got depressed, and its even worst because he was trying to be happy in the first place
In quote 2, the bugger found happiness and its surprisingly pleasant because he was trying to feel depressed.

But it is all subjective. I believe you use depression to derive happiness.

Tekkaus said...

Hmm...both the statement sound contradicting! I mean the whole sentence itself! But IMHO, both sentence does not reflect anything sad or downright depress!

Hmm...both the sentence sound rather cynical and can be flaming at time if it's spoken directly or indirectly in front of someone else.

I feel weird! =/

sie said...

I feel sad for statement 1

But statement 2 makes me angry and irks me to no end! Depression isn't something to 'try' for fun when your life is too smooth, monotonous or mundane. People with real problems and real depression don't go around and announce to the world they are depressed. They are NOT those who 'want to try depression' because they want attention and others to go 'omg..he has depression..so kesian'! People who are genuinely depressed know it's a dark and lonely place. And for someone to say 'I want to try depression...but happiness got in the way' is akin to saying 'I want to try cancer...but cannot escape this healthy body la..' to a cancer suferer.

YEONG said...

interesting! it's quite tricky and smart at the same time because a conjunction like BUT is used in the sentence that creates a whole new meaning and more perspective instead of one.

quote 1. wanting to try happiness indicates desperation. it's just too bad for him that depression slapped him hard on the face.

quote 2.hey, that guy got what he wanted!

SilverIsle said...

My first impression thoughts are pretty straight forward.

Quote 1 gives me an impression of that person is trying to be happy, but in vain. Whereas quote 2 gives me a sense of sarcasm in it because that person is practically just living a too good like. Haha.

Serene said...

i have negative tots for both.. hmmm..

joshuaongys said...

lolx bro.. u know my reply lar.. no need to write here d hahaha

宝茹 said...

This is weird. :P

JuLJuL said...

I don't quite understand. Maybe it's cuz I'm a bit slow. Quote 1 sounds very disappointed and depressed..

Sharoning Q. said...

Totally understood what u're trying to get. I feel it could work either of the 3 ways depending on different ppl's perspective ~ so, it should be logically correct in each point of view.

However, after reading the whole thing again, My thoughts left unchanged.

Quote 1 ppl is pessimistic! Saying such out of depression, his mindset bears 'depress', somewhat saying he's trying for happiness does not come from his truest feelings as he goes into d' path of only depression.

Quote 2 ppl is optimistic! That's why it's difficult for him to fall into depression for a sunshine like him, who see bright happiness.

-popjammerz- said...

Both also bad luck
cannot get what they wanna try.

but i believe it's alwyz a blessing in disguise.


Simon Seow said...

So deep. I'll just be grateful and happy with what i have now.

usws said...

Quote 1: What the normal people say. Normal people like me. Well, in that aspect at least. I'm quite abnormal otherwisse
Quote 2: Poseurs who think being EMO is cool. Or crazy people. And yea, maybe someone who's has had such a good life that he wants to try something different but fails everytime. Which may not be possible actually, cause failing and the feeling of dissatisfaction would get me depressed.

Happiness never gets in the way, i'd invite it to come closer!


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

to me both sounds depressing... hmmm...

3POINT8 said...

[Chai Latte]
From the way you comment, Seems like there are no signs of either quote implementing a hint of happiness.

I came up with the quotes a few years back when I was depressed.
You are correct! For prize, you win a few comments from me to your blog post. :P

From the way you comment, Seems like there are no signs of either quote implementing a hint of happiness. (2)

Hehey, I like this way of viewing it: Use depression to derive happiness.
This is one new perspective!
Thanks for sharing your unique ways of thought

3POINT8 said...

I like contradicting statements! It makes people think.
You have a very neutral way of viewing things...

From the way you comment, Seems like there are no signs of either quote implementing a hint of happiness. (3)

From the way you comment, Seems like there are no signs of either quote implementing a hint of happiness. (4)

3POINT8 said...

Ahaha... you like sarcasm eh?

Confirmed! no sign of happiness. (5)

You got no comment on this rite? Ahahaha...

It is. It is suppose to be weird, don't you think so?

Its ok...its ok... Take your time
We are here to learn, yes?

3POINT8 said...

[Sharoning Q.]
First sign of happiness (A)

Er....quite a mix there.

Ahaha...your comment: Short and nice!

From the way you comment, Seems like there are no signs of either quote implementing a hint of happiness. (6)

Confirmed! no sign of happiness. (7)

Ping Ping said...

I think most people are in the 1st situation lor..cause no one will tell you they want to be depress but they are happy. Because if they say that, sure people think they are mad or something. Where got people happy but hope to be sad?

To me, the first one sounds sad, the second one? sounds mad. =P

QuaChee said...

wow, its a twist alrite. tho i still think no. 1 is sad.

i like how no. 2 is said... ! should use it sometimes to cheer some ppl up hehe

Jez said...

for no. 1 - is sad but hopeful to be happy (at least ur trying)
for no. 2 - sounds crazy and miserable yet sympathetic.

3POINT8 said...

[Ping Ping]
Haha. One sounds sad and the other sounds mad.
Thanks for your opinion.

Quachee! Your thinking is very unique leh! Use that to cheer someone up. I think it'll work! I might try that someday.

so, none of them sounds happy??