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25 May 2008

Dream a little Dreamz [Contest Entry]

Have you heard?
AMBP is giving out tickets to a show known as Dreamz happening in Genting. [Click here for more details]
[Beginning of contest entry]

* Who is the professional image consultant dishing out juicy tips on how to look your best at CloveTWO.com's Lookin' Good section?
Wendy Lee

* Name the bloggers at the Guy and Parent blogs.
Andrew William & Sharmila Rajah

* At which section do you find stories on women's fashion and beauty?
Style Sheet

Attending Dreamz would be a dream come true for me because I wantz to prove my fantazies wrongz, and that Z do come true after dream.

[End of contest entry]

I looked back at the contest entry part, and I feel that its inadequate to make up for a quality blogpost in this blog. As a bonus, I'm gonna post something extra.

Why is the title of the show called Dreamz?
Ok, I would understand that witnessing a white lion and a white tiger is like a scene in a dream. After all, how often do you get to see a white lion and a white tiger. Having a chance to see a normal tiger and lion is rare enough, So I suppose seeing a WHITE tiger and a WHITE lion is like seeing a mythical animal in a dream.

If something doesn't make sense, it must be a dream. Sometimes you just have to wonder what motivates daredevils, and magicians to do what they do best. They perform unbelievable magnificent act in front of your eyes which you know isn't possible under normal circumstances. Normal people who drop a few stories high would break a leg or possibly face death. But these daredevils, they can to drop a few million stories high and survive. The things they do defy logic. Its like watching a dream in reality.

So I would understand why the call the whole show DREAM.
But no. This event is called Dreamz. Wait a minute here, dreamZ???? A Z behind dream??
From all 26 alphabets A~Z. It seems like the character Z is the hip and happening character.

Allow me to speculate why is this so:
In school, in college, in university, and even in public transports, those who sit at the very end are usually the hippy ones, the more happening ones. As a student being in that environment for more than 10years, certainly it gives an impression that those at the END are the happening ones. So in the 26 alphabetical system, 'Z' lies in the end and It would appear that 'Z' is the most happening character of all. Moreover, z goes with almost every english word.
[For example: Its easy to pronounce Happeningz but its pretty hard to pronounce Happeningh.]
Don't you think so?

Anyway back to the event and the slogan.
My slogan [Attending Dreamz would be a dream come true for me because I wantz to prove my fantazies wrongz, and that Z do come true after dream.]

When I came up with this slogan, this came to my mind:
Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while asleep. And when you place lots of 'Z' together, you get zzzzzzzzzz. I believe that the length of zzz is proportional to sleep slumber factor. Eg:
zzzzzzzzzz = Very slumber sleep
zzzzzz = 'Just nice' kind of sleep
zzz = not enough sleep
z = disturbed sleep

So, when I mention 'after dream' in the slogan I was referring to reality (after dream = being awake).
'Z do come true' would illustrate this: "I'm so amazed by the show that I'll gladly sacrifice my sleeping time to recap the magnificent moment!"

What do you think about the alphabet 'Z'?
Do you think its a coolest alphabet?

[Top Comment by Su]
Try S. You'll tend to get more than you want.
i want eggS. pass me penS. walk the dogS
the S adds extra value to stuff XD


Johnny Ong said...

u may have to rush back to see the show if u win the 2 tickets

J E Z said...

i dont know.
my favorite letter is A but
my name has a letter Z

Nikkiko said...

the things you find to say for anything and everything! hahaha!

i think it's the twit alphabet =X

pinksterz said...

i don't know but i don't really like people who writez like dizzzzz lolz!

xniquet said...

i prefer x

x = graphical porn
xx = porn without nudity
xxx = soft porn
xxxx = porn
xxxx = hard porn
xxxxx = weird shit porn where you can see on the internet

the best thing is there are more and more x's coming up ....

curryegg said...

I like K the most.. haha..

Su said...

Try S.
You'll tend to get more than you want.

i want eggS
pass me penS
walk the dogS

the S adds extra value to stuff XD

Enigma said...

Among the cool letters and cooler people, i guess there has been a mistake somewhere.White tigers are not mythycal..Royal Bengal tigers are white..being a bengali cudnt resist saying this..
Anyways.. Z is indeed cool i think

Teddy said...

U can really come up wif many funny theories la u. hehhee

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

LOL hope u win this

Vee... said...

white tigers aint mythical mate. i saw one few yrs ago in a zoo.
the very rare usage of the letter 'Z' makes it special n cool.

pinksterz said...

so x was saying he is a graphical porn according to his comment :P